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Big data can replace a lot of guesswork about who customers are and what they might want, but big data cannot, however, replace conversations. To follow and intelligently join conversations about your brand — particularly on social media sites — you need “small data.”


If big data is the numerical story of spending behaviors, and how to take advantage of them, small data is a glimpse at customer’s thoughts and emotions. Used properly, it is instant feedback that marketers use to slalom between obstacles. Small data lets us stand out while others are focused too heavily on big data. And most importantly, small data lets us talk directly with consumers.


Small data, particularly in social media, is for picking up on immediate, actionable patterns that don’t require rocket science to spot, but do require good judgment and fast action to correct. Small data is about finding ways to build loyalty, appreciation and respect. Spontaneity is one of its strengths. Small data catches social cues so marketers can respond like humans. Small data lets a marketer personify his or her brand.


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