How to future-proof your SEO | SEO |

A long time ago, people used to talk more about sustainable SEO. I don’t know exactly when the whole discussion died down (as a trend, of course), but today, I see very few people talking about it, and fewer still practice it.

Sustainable SEO is all about quality. It’s about truth, genuineness, and “being natural” as opposed to “acting natural.” Many people say SEO has changed vastly; experts say SEO is re-inventing itself. Matt Cutts says Google is becoming even smarter, and industry publications are alive with gurus constantly discussing Google’s rapidly evolving algorithms.

But while it’s fun to debate and discuss Google’s latest algorithm changes, all you really need to know is what one ex-Google employee said: Forget SEO. Build your content as if there was no Google. Craft your marketing campaigns like there are just people out there to please, not search engines to placate.

In doing so, you’ll actually be practicing the most powerful and safe SEO strategy: Sustainable SEO.




Via Igniva Solutions