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Interview with Mr. Moio


1)   Would baking have been your first career choice if this weren’t a family business?

2)   Do you still have time for yourself and your family around your job?

3)   What kind of hours do you work?

4)   Do you have busy seasons and slow ones?

5)   What’s your favorite item in your bakery?

6)   How did your grandfather build up the business?

7)   How do you forecast what you’re going to sell and have to make?

8)   What items can you freeze or use for more than one day?

9)        Would you suggest people to get into the baking business?

10)    What’s your balance in the kitchen to management of the shop?

11)    What’s are the pros and cons of being a baker? 

12)    What are the main steps to building a bakery?

13)    Knowing what you know now, would you still own a bakery if you had a choice?

14)    Why did you move from the Monroeville food annex?

15)    Do you have kids that will help you and carry on the business?

16)    What’s the best selling product that you have? 




1)   No, it wouldn’t have been.  I went to school for accounting, but my dad got sick and I had to take over the business. 

2)   Yes, I have more time now for my family than I did when I was in my 20’s.  When he was in his 20’s it was all about work and it was tough making time for him and a family.  He was married at 24. 

3)   He gets to the bakery at 5:30 A.M.  He has 6-8 hour days in the slower season and works 6-16 hours in the busier seasons. 

4)   Yes, the busy seasons are the main holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, and Easter. 

5)   He likes the Chocolate Chip cookies, and the Cannolis. 

6)   His grandfather traveled around the east coast from job to job and finally settled in Pittsburgh and started his own shop. 

7)   All the forecasts are guestimates, and he uses records of what they made the previous weeks, as well as the time of the year.  They also have days where people buy more of one item than others.  For example more people buy pies when it’s raining. 

8)   They immediately freeze their cakes until they need it.  They are also able to freeze most of their items. 

9)   It is tough to work in the food business and if you don’t have a passion for food or what you do then don’t do it. 

10)                  He used t do more in the kitchen when he was younger but now that he has more workers to work for him he is 80/20 managing to working in the kitchen.  He does deliver all of the cakes though himself.

11)                  Cons: Early hours, different shifts, long hours, weekend hours, pay might not be that good.            Pros: Creativity, make people happy

12)                  To start a business you need to have money and the banks baking, a good location is key to success, owning your own business is also helpful, have good workers to work with, sell a quality product, and charge for a profit. 

13)                  He would of done some things differently but yes he would still own a bakery. 

14)                  The food annex in the mall wouldn’t work with him about the hours of operation, and it wasn’t that good of a location.  The location he is at now is a better location for business and he could put what ever he wanted to in the building.  The price for the building was also good. 

15)                  His son is in law school and doesn’t plan on taking over the business but his daughter wants to help with the business and eventually take it over. 

16)                  Cannoli and birthday cakes are the best selling products. 

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Pastry Chef Job Description

Pastry Chef Job Description | senior proj. aspect 1 |
While the job details vary by the type of place they work, pastry chefs are artists in sugar, butter and flour. They create desserts and pastries that entice the palate and the eye. Pastry chefs work ...
robert McGowan's comment, February 20, 2014 4:24 PM
8) A pastry chef specializes in the preparation of baked goods and desserts. They plan the dessert and sweets menu in commercial kitchens, create recipes and manages the inventory of ingredients. They also often decide on how the desserts will be presented and displayed on the plate including the sauces that go on or with them. In some kitchens, they can also be responsible for the rolls and breads that are baked along with the desserts.
robert McGowan's comment, February 20, 2014 4:34 PM
9) Most start out as assistant pastry chefs or apprentices but there are pastry chefs with extensive experience and frequently are members of the senior kitchen staff. They receive more responsibilities because they are a senior member of the staff. With theses responsibilities they are charged with instructing and supervising other personnel in the kitchen making desserts. They are also responsible for the inventory of ingredients. Quality of the finished products are also another one of their responsibilities. They are often part of the management team that coordinates the overall kitchen operations.
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Pastry Chef Careers | Salary | Information

Pastry Chef Careers | Salary | Information | senior proj. aspect 1 |
Is dessert YOUR favorite course? Try creating your yummy creations with a pastry chef career!
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This website shows what a pastry chef is, what they do, where they work, educational requirements, and average salary of a pastry chef.  

robert McGowan's comment, February 13, 2014 10:20 AM
2) Most bakers and pastry chefs start out in lower level jobs and work their way up and move to better work places. Getting a culinary arts diploma or degree program is the best way to start a pastry chef career. Culinary arts schools are the best way for people to get an education in a pastry chef career. Students that are taking a culinary arts program can also take baking and pastry programs. They can also get offered internships if they have a promising future in the pastry chef career.
robert McGowan's comment, February 20, 2014 4:01 PM
6) Pastry chefs can work anywhere that is properly equipped with the tools and equipment that they need. You can also look for jobs in many high-end restaurants and some hotels and casinos. Bakeries that have been around for a while are also often looking for experienced pastry chefs to hire. If you would not want to work for someone else you can think about starting your own bakery. However, it is better if you have some knowledge of business or a business degree.
robert McGowan's comment, February 20, 2014 4:05 PM
7) The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that head chefs make an average annual salary of $44,780. On the other hand, bakers made and average annual salary of $25,350 in the same year. Pastry chefs can expect to be making annual salaries between these two average amounts of these professions. If you are a more experienced chef you will obviously make slightly more money. Chefs in densely populated areas will make more as well.
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Pastry Chef Jobs, Careers, and Salary Information

Pastry Chef Jobs, Careers, and Salary Information | senior proj. aspect 1 |
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Shows different jobs that you can get being a Pastry Chef, salaries, and education.  

robert McGowan's comment, February 17, 2014 10:11 AM
When working for hotels or restaurants pastry chefs make more money, but it depends on the size of the company and the company sales. With one year of experience a pastry chef can earn $20,000. They can earn over $60,000 a year with 20 years of experience. If a pastry chef manages or owns a successful business they can earn as much as $100,000 a year.
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Becoming a Pastry Chef: Salary Information & Job Description

Becoming a Pastry Chef: Salary Information & Job Description | senior proj. aspect 1 |
For most pastry chefs with 5-9 years of experience, annual salary ranges between $26,000 and $66,000. Is it worth the training requirements?
robert McGowan's comment, February 20, 2014 4:44 PM
10) The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted good job opportunities for all chef types even though it is expected slower-than-average employment growth in 2008-2018, at 6%. There will be many job opportunities because there is constantly people leaving their occupation and they have to be replaced. The job competition is very fierce for higher paying jobs at fine dinning establishments. Major opportunities are expected to be in chain restaurants.
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Pastry Chefs : Training, Salary & Career Information

Pastry Chefs : Training, Salary & Career Information | senior proj. aspect 1 |
Get the facts on accountants and auditors, including minimum degree requirements, average annual salary, and employment trends.
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The average career, salary, and educational information are on this website.  It also shows a pastry chefs salary and job outlook.  

robert McGowan's comment, February 13, 2014 10:08 AM
1) For most of their careers bakers and pastry chefs spend their time in the kitchen. Most bakers work for bakeries to sell their baked goods to other retail stores. In this type of work, they bake large scale amounts of the same product. They also work in all types of bakeries as in outlets, restaurants, supermarkets, and delis making smaller amounts of product. They mainly work in restaurants and more private places though. Their working area can be hot, noisy, and hectic.
robert McGowan's comment, February 17, 2014 10:28 AM
5) The job outlook for bakers between 2008 and 2018 looks positive according to the U.S. bureau of Labor Statistics. With the need to replace the jobs or retiring and leaving workers there are a lot of jobs that need highly skilled bakers. They are needed for their knowledge of specialty products and increasing consumer requests for these goods. There should also be job opening for pastry chefs. There is a lot of competition for these high-paying jobs in high end restaurants. Workers who are attentive to costs of food should fare well, as the rising food prices affect the restaurant.
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Pastry Chef Career Information and Education Requirements

Pastry Chef Career Information and Education Requirements | senior proj. aspect 1 |
Individuals searching for pastry chef career found the following related articles, links, and information useful.
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This shows educational requirements that you can have for pastry chef.

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3) It is recommended for people who have an undergraduate degree in other careers to get and associate degree. A bachelors degree is what they recommend for people who don't have any college credits yet. A bachelor's degree also helps to open up the opportunity in restaurants, bakeries, and hotels to manage. Associates degree can also be obtained in a community college as well.