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Stephane Malka's EP7 restaurant in paris takes the typology of an open air bar to bring the forest to the urban environment.


French architect and former graffiti artist stephane malka has designed a guinguette typology for paris that synthesizes the mythical

dimensions of nature with the ceaseless growth of the urban environment. his EP7 restaurant uses an accretion of raw wood, primed for t

he organic growth of plant life, to created a lively skin for an urban recreation space. the architect began his career as artistic agent of the

urban landscape, using the massive planes of the city to understand the communicative power of the built form. the architecture, in this case,

references land art and ties in the intertwined masses of metropolitan paris with the teeming life of the forest. free walls and vegetation arise

from the delicately sectioned modules of square timber while expanses of glazing challenge the pixelated envelope. 


project info:

type: restaurant

status: competition
year: 2013
city: paris
client: SEMAPA
budget: € 987,000
team: SMA agent architect, terrell structure and fluid spooms kitchen designers, 
sterling quest economists tristan spella digital imaging

Via association concert urbain