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The truth about search engine ... - Google Books

The truth about search engine ... - Google Books | semantics |
"Rebecca's book is chapter-by-chapter gold for anyone who needs to understand how we find information on the Web." Kevin M. Ryan, Motivity Marketing, Inc., and Chairman of Search Engine Strategies Advisory Board In this book, leading search optimization expert Rebecca Lieb brings together more than 50 absolutely crucial facts and insights decision-makers must know to drive more web traffic through better search engine placement. The Truth About Search Engine Optimization doesn't deliver abstract theory: it delivers quick, bite-size, just-the-facts information and plain-English explanations that executives, decision-makers, and even small business owners can actually use, no matter what kind of sites you're running, or what your goals are. You will learn how to set realistic goals for search optimization... attract qualified traffic, not just "any" site visitors... incorporate search engine optimization into both new sites and redesigns... write for users... implement search-friendly content management... avoid problems with rich content technologies such as Flash and AJAX... create metatags that actually work... use public relations, blogging, and other techniques to drive traffic... budget and manage search optimization projects... and much more. This book reveals 51 PROVEN SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES and bite-size, easy-to-use advice that gets results including The truth about page rankings The truth about best SEO practices and SEO no-no's The truth about link love, keywords, and tags Introduction vii Foreword by Fredrick Marckini ix Part I: The Basics of Search Truth 1: Getting noticed by spiders, robots, and crawlers 1 Truth 2: Learn to do the Google dance 5 Truth 3: It's not about traffic-it's about qualified traffic 9 Truth 4: Your reputation is on the line 13 Part II: The Truth About Being Site-Specific Truth 5: SEO is an ongoing project, not set-it-and-forget-it 17 Truth 6: SEO is not an afterthought 21 Truth 7: SEO results aren't immediate or lasting 25 Truth 8: You don't have a homepage anymore 29 Truth 9: Think like a publisher, even if you're not 33 Truth 10: Site and page design count 37 Truth 11: Write for users and search engines will follow 41 Truth 12: Keywords are key 45 Truth 13: Use analytics and keyword research tools 49 Truth 14: Site stats share the bad news, too 53 Truth 15: Think twice about hot new technologies 57 Truth 16: Content management systems matter-a lot 67 Part III: Tag, You're It! Truth 17: What's in a title? Everything... 65 Truth 18: The relative importance of meta tags 71 Truth 19: Tag images, audio, video, and other media 75 Part IV: The Truth About Links Truth 20: Some links are more equal than others 79 Truth 21: Building links through online directories 83 Truth 22: Using SEO PR as a link strategy 87 Truth 23: The jury is out on paid links 91 Truth 24: Share and share alike: Reciprocal linking 95 Truth 25: Ads are links, too 99 Truth 26: Build your site in a good neighborhood 103 Truth 27: Blogs are a terrific link strategy 107 Truth 28: Putting the kibosh on link love with nofollow links 111 Part V: You Call That a Search Engine? Truth 29: Search is going vertical 115 Truth 30: Everyone is local somewhere 119 Truth 31: Get listed to get vertical 125 Truth 32: Optimize off-site searches 129 Truth 33: Universal search and personalized search 133 Part VI: Get a Social Life Truth 34: Blogs are built for SEO 137 Truth 35: RSS feeds "feed" SEO efforts 141 Truth 36: Users will create content for you 145 Truth 37: Tag images, video, links, and other media 149 Part VII: Search Ranking Truth 38: Being #1 ain't what it used to be 153 Truth 39: Don't live and die by PageRank 157 Truth 40: Wag the long tail 161 Part VIII: The Truth About SEO Management Truth 41: In-house or outsource? 165 Truth 42: Hiring a great search professional 169 Truth 43: Great SEOs sweat the small stuff 173 Part IX: Don't Be Evil Truth 44: Beware blackhat SEO 177 Truth 45: Search engines frown on keyword stuffing and spam 181 Truth 46: Don't cultivate link farms 185 Truth 47: It's very difficult to get unbanned 189 Truth 48: Moving to a new domain is stressful 193 Part X: Going Beyond Truth 49: Global SEO 197 Truth 50: Mobile SEO is more important than ever 201 Truth 51: Sometimes you don't want to be found 205 About the Author 208 Note: Appendix A is available for free and located online at (The truth about search engine optimization - Google Books Result provides a
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8 ways to build a really bad web site for Search Engines | Social Media a la Carte

8 ways to build a really bad web site for Search Engines | Social Media a la Carte | semantics |
By Gareth Davies

Some web sites receive hundreds or thousands of unique visitors a day, whilst others only get a handful or none. The reason is oft (8 ways to build a really bad web site for Search Engines -
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Download Counter-Strike: Source Map - txc_death_race_v2, Counter-Strike: Source Map - txc_death_race_v2 Download

Download Counter-Strike: Source Map - txc_death_race_v2, Counter-Strike: Source Map - txc_death_race_v2  Download | semantics |
Download Counter-Strike: Source Map - txc_death_race_v2, Counter-Strike: Source Map - txc_death_race_v2 Download (Counter-Strike: Source Map - txc_death_race_v2: Whenever you are in search for some new and fun ... -
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Elsevier Survey Reveals Researchers Ready to Push Scientific Search and Discovery to the Next Level

Elsevier Survey Reveals Researchers Ready to Push Scientific Search and Discovery to the Next Level | semantics |
AMSTERDAM, September 28, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Elsevier, a
world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information
products and services, today released highlights from a new survey that
reveals researchers around the globe are not only ready for the next phase in
search and discovery, but also prepared to actively contribute to making it a

In developing SciVerse, Elsevier's recently launched search and discovery
platform, the company conducted a significant amount of research within the
scientific community. Building on earlier qualitative work, the online
"Future of Search and Discovery" survey offers a quick pulse of the attitudes
and opinions of more than 1,200 researchers across the globe. Respondents
primarily hailed from academia (79%) with the balance from government (15%)
and industry (7%).

Broad-Based Web Trends Poised to Enhance Search Process

The survey investigates the current understanding of the prospective
impact of open data and the opening up of platforms through the release of
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The results clearly suggest
awareness of the potential these trends hold for enhancing search. In fact,
almost all respondents agree that "open data is important to the future of
search and discovery," with 71 percent indicating it is "very important" and
another quarter (26%) finding it "somewhat important."

Researchers also have a high level of awareness of APIs, seeing them as
important components that can foster innovation. Eight in 10 concur the
"availability of APIs will foster experimentation and the development of
innovative search and discovery applications."

"The ability to find and access raw data is increasingly critical to
research. As the volume of data continues to grow and repositories
proliferate, researchers will need new solutions to help them find and use
that data," explained Judson Dunham, Senior Product Manager Science and
Technology for Elsevier. "New platforms, APIs and tailored applications can
help to release the full potential of that data. The survey suggests that
researchers recognize the potential for these trends to accelerate research."

Taking Application Development Personally

Researchers not only agree that APIs will result in search-related
application experimentation, they are also ready to play an active role. More
than two-thirds (68%) say they would be personally interested in developing a
search and discovery application using scientific content for their own
institution. Within this group of respondents, 61 percent identify "the
opportunity to help speed up research among the scientific community as a
whole" as best describing the driving force behind their interest.
Comparatively, less than one third (31%) say their motivation would be to
speed up their own research.

Despite their attraction to application building, less than one third of
these researchers (31%) feel their institution would be supportive in terms
of time and resources. In fact, 41 percent indicate their institutions would
expect them to develop applications on their own time, using their own
resources. These results suggest development could potentially be curtailed
by uncertainty with respect to support.

The survey also revealed technical fluency as another possible barrier.
Among those who did not initially indicate application development interest,
66 percent say they would indeed be interested if they could collaborate with
others who would handle the technical aspects.

Diversity of Needs Reflected in Specific Application Interest

Perhaps reflective of the diverse needs and interests of researchers,
there were no clear leaders when respondents were asked which type of
applications would be most useful to the scientific community. In fact, all
of the application options in the survey had similar response rates as
follows: applications that facilitate more customized search (18%); those
that extract data to elicit more meaningful insight (17%); apps that show
content which trusted peers find valuable (16%); those that provide
personalized content delivery based on my interests and background (16%); and
apps offering analytical tools that are able to target trends, look at
historical research output and text/data mine to create semantic
relationships across scientific content (16%).

The Future of Search... It's All in the Network

In an effort to understand where researchers think things are headed, the
survey asked respondents what they thought would be the greatest impact of
search technology over the next several years. Nearly half (47%) selected
"the establishment of collaborative knowledge networks (online groups of
trusted peers)," followed by 28 percent who chose "the linking of data sets
to published research," 15 percent who say "improved interoperability of data
and content" and 10 percent who agree "the ability to correlate data
collected across instruments."

Further indicating an awareness of the importance of knowledge networks
to the future of search and discovery, eight in ten (81%) respondents agree
"in the next several years, researchers will use knowledge networks (online
groups of trusted peers) as a reliable source for filtering and viewing

"Entering a new era in search and discovery will require new
collaboration, with all members of the scientific community participating and
embracing new roles," added Dunham. "Trends like openness and
interoperability can empower researchers and developers to build innovative
applications for solving specific research pain-points. Researchers also
clearly hope and expect to benefit from the social revolution on the web,
seeing the formation of knowledge networks that will help filter the growing
pool of available and useful content."

Highlights of the "Future of Search and Discovery" survey were recently
shared during an Elsevier-hosted webinar. To view the webinar replay please
register here (

About the Future of Search and Discovery Survey

More than 1,200 academic, government and industry researchers
participated in Elsevier's "Future of Search and Discovery" online survey
which was fielded in late June/early July. Respondents came from 100
countries and 20 fields within the physical sciences and engineering, life,
health and social sciences disciplines.

About Elsevier

Elsevier is a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and
medical information products and services. The company works in partnership
with the global science and health communities to publish more than 2,000
journals, including The Lancet ( and Cell (, and close to 20,000 book titles, including major
reference works from Mosby and Saunders. Elsevier's online solutions include
SciVerse ScienceDirect (, SciVerse Scopus
(, Reaxys (, MD Consult
( and Nursing Consult (, which enhance the productivity of science
and health professionals, and the SciVal suite ( and
MEDai's Pinpoint Review (, which help research and
health care institutions deliver better outcomes more cost-effectively.

A global business headquartered in Amsterdam, Elsevier ( employs 7,000 people worldwide. The company is part
of Reed Elsevier Group PLC (, a world-leading
publisher and information provider, which is jointly owned by Reed Elsevier
PLC and Reed Elsevier NV. The ticker symbols are REN (Euronext Amsterdam),
REL (London Stock Exchange), RUK and ENL (New York Stock Exchange).

Media Contact

Sandra Plasse/Jen Saunders

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