Should You Use an #Ecommerce Platform to Sell Goods? | Sell on Bootic |
If you want to start selling online, there's a good chance you're thinking about opening your very own online store. But how to do it? Should you use a ready-to-go ecommerce platform or create your own system?


Or maybe there’s another way and a webstore won’t be the best solution for you. This is easy to say, but if it’s your first time — it won’t be that easy to answer.Since ecommerce is the most common case, let’s first think how to start an e-shop. Some consider ecommerce systems as just for amateurs, but that is certainly not true. Of course amateurs use them and the biggest brands don’t, but the businesses in between make the biggest part. What should they do?

The simplest way to deal with such dilemmas is to put down some pros and cons and check whether they clarify anything or direct our way of thinking...

Via Nebojsa Stojanovic, Eric Barbier