RISR – a Wearable Sensor to improve the Body Language. | SelfAssessed | Scoop.it

RISR is a wearable sensor network that teaches you how to improve your body language through vibration feedback. It detects and analyzes through an Infrared camera the posture of your social target. Algorythms based on psychological theories of gestures (eg the Mirroring effect) calculate the appropriate posture for you and make the sensors vibrate to give you the best control on your body's nonverbal communication.

There are a lot of questions remaining about the reality of this product and its detailed hardware-software specifications.

Techcrunch featured the video on Sept. 10th. But no corporate information on RISR website. It seems that the product is developped by School of Art & Design in Basel, Switzerland.  Anyway, the concept seems interesting. Waiting getting more information.

Via Olivier Janin