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How does self-hypnosis work for your customer benefit?

The benefits of using pre-recorded audio MP3 for self-hypnosis therapy. This technique in fact has three advantages from visiting a hypnotherapist practitioner.

To begin with, some people may feel self-conscious about seeing a hypnotherapist, particularly if it is for an issue they might not feel completely comfortable with sharing. Some private issues they may not feel comfortable with could be self-confidence issues, weight problems, and even sexual issues. With a pre-recorded self-hypnosis MP3 session they can have anonymity and privacy in their own home.

Secondly, some people may find it difficult to let go and completely relax when they are in the presence of another professional. Which will make it difficult to go into the "hypnotic trance" or reach the "alpha or theta brainwave states" where true transfomation of the mind takes place. With a guided hypnotic MP3 they can listen alone when they are comfortable with their surroundings and more likely to be able to reach a deeper "states" of relaxation.

And finally, through time and practice with guided self-relaxation and self-hypnosis therapy. Positive suggestions will become permanent overriding their past issue/s becomes even more powerfully effective. The "key" is, the more sessions they have the more positive suggestions become more "ingrained" into their subconscious mind over time that leads to better feeling conscious states.

Looking for the good and highly experience hypnotherapist can be quite pricey for some, especially when attending numerous sessions. By listening to a self-hypnotizing MP3 session they can listen to the same recording over and over with no additional private bills to pay. Does self hypnosis work? YES… and very powerfully too! This is why hypnotherapy business is in practice today.

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