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Sometimes it is difficult to learn how to meditate from an enlightened guru, or at least it was for me when I was a beginner. I would read their words over and over, trying to understand what they were talking about -- but it was as though they were writing in a foreign language, one I had yet to learn. I wrote about my own quest to become a meditator, and these writings evolved into the book "Choosing to Be: Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master," in which I describe the ups and downs of my struggle. My Maine Coon cat Poohbear Degoonacoon became the Feline Zen Master, and Catzenbear arrived as his kitten muse. Together we traveled the hero's journey, much like that of Don Quixote or Ulysses, except that most of the action happened within my own mind. (Come to think of it, much of their action happened in their minds too.) You can enjoy our often humorous quest on Amazon Kindle. Who knows, perhaps you might even learn a thing or ten (as one of our generous reviewers wrote on Amazon). Kat Tansey www.choosingtobe.com "I found Choosing to Be one of the better books on Zen or sitting practice." ~Thom Hartmann, radio show host and New York Times bestselling author of 21 books in print "I love this book. It hides nothing, teaches much, and remains readable and delightful along the way." ~Ann Lewis, Recover Your Balance "Choosing to Be is a short, original, comfortingly readable introduction to the Buddhist path, a way of living that places the primary responsibility for our happiness into our own paws, er…hands.” ~John Calabrese, Creations Magazine
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