Okay, so this is my first post on here.  A tip of the hat to my good buddy Mr. L; I look forward to many a lively debate.


Onto Skyfall.


Best Daniel Craig Bond movie.  There, I said it.  I know I will get much resistance from this because of Casino Royale, but truly this is Craig's best.  


The movie is an interesting mix of old and new.  As my counterpart will most likely say, "they ram this theme down your throat."  While that may be true, I feel that it is an interesting turn for the Bond franchise, but also a bit of a danger.  


First the interest: the movie brings back all the old things we love about Bond--Q, Moneypenny, eccentric villains.  The previous two movies took these things away and replaced them with action and realism.  While this was a nice change of pace, Bond needs that slight "camp" to make things interesting.  I was glad to see it all back.  


Furthermore, Sam Mendes brings in a nice blend of psychology to the action genre.  The movie really seemed to draw from films like The Dark Knight, which blended action and substance beautifully.  Sam Mendes, who is most famous for American Beauty, tends to favor the brain, so seeing him at the healm of a Bond film made my eyebrow arch.  I should have known I was in good hands.


Now the danger: Bond has lasted so long, in my opinion, because the character has a certain mystique.  The further we dive into Bond's character, the more we are going to know about him psychologically.  We learned in Casino Royale why he has such a vulnerable spot for females and treats them as disposable kleenex.  We learned in Quantum of Solace that having a direct sequel for a franchise this size is an absolutely horrid idea--especially when mixed with a plot that makes no sense.  Now, in Skyfall we learn more about Bond's past, his loyalties to MI6, and more about the inner-workings of his brain.  While it is interesting to see what he is like on the inside, the thing that makes him mysterious is falling away.  If you think about it in terms of a relationship, the courting phase is always the best for most people; it is when you really know them and see what makes them tick that you start losing interest.  I fear that this, over time, is what will happen with Bond. We will know all there is to know, and he will fade.  I hope I'm wrong.  


On the review side, the villian is fantastic and simple.  Silva is a really facsinating character.  He has a vendetta and has really gone through a hugely complicated means at getting his revenge.  Casino Royale had Mr. Weepy Eye, and Quantum of Solace had...um...yea.  So, it was a nice change of pace to have a full fledge villain who did not really have any connection with the Quantum organization.  This, I feel, makes the movie.  Silva gives the danger a face and it makes the decisions made by MI6 more complex.


The special effects, however, are something that really took me out of the movie.  The opening credits, with the beautiful song by Adele, are marred by horrid CGI.  They have been doing this whole silhouette thing with Craig in all of the Bond openings.  It reminds me of when Roger Moore did it...bothered me in those, too.  Stick with the naked women.  Also, there is a fight sequence involving gila monsters...terrible.  I mentioned the upside of the "camp" before, this is the downside.  


Overall, I feel this is Craig's best Bond.  Casino Royale was fantastic, but it was still a reboot/origin story.  He wasn't Bond for the whole movie--the man frove a Ford, for God's sake.  This one was a true to form Bond film, and it was great to see things come full circle.


Rating: Good-Good Movie