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Kevin Mitnick, a renowned computer hacker that turned to security consulting recently was announced by Stu Sjouwerman from KnowB4 to have been brought in as a partner in the company. Spiceworks Nicholas Tolstoshey was able to speak to Kevin over the phone for an interview. Tolstoshey took the opportunity to speak to Mitnick about his insights about SMB security and used suggested questions from the Spicy Peppers: Mitnick was asked to tell a little about himself and the work that he is doing with Stu and KnowB4. Mitnick said that yes, he did indeed used to be a hacker but it was the thrill of the challenge that intrigued him, not the money. Mitnick wrote a book called “The Art of Deception” that covered various topics including a hacking technique called social engineering. This methodology explained how to break into systems by tricking people into giving you their passwords and other private information. Mitnick now works as a security consultant to teach people how to protect theirselves from these and other types of hacks. Mitnick was approached a year ago by Stu, who wanted to partner up and create a program to help defend businesses from social engineering. The goal of the program was to educate people on how to identify any suspicious behavior or circumstances and of course how to protect against them. Mitnick and Stu spent eight months developing the video training program. The holistic approach to the program allowed users to easily develop the necessary skills on how to respond to phishing emails, IMs, messages, Facebook links, Google chats, etc. The program helped users to identify red flags when asked to open an attachment or to follow a link. Mitnick explained that there are three areas of security that is focused on: people, processes and technology. He further explained that even with so many great technology defenses available that the real are that seemed to be lacking was with people. People were not armed with the proper skills to identify these links that looked so legitimate and needed the tools to allow them to ask the right questions in order to determine a scam or a hack from something legitimate. While the technique is not 100% effective it does raise the bar to a much higher level of safety. The 90 second video offered can help reduce the risk of hackers by a good percentage.


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