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Scooped by Kumar Mahit!

SEO 2013 Trends

SEO 2013 Trends | Search Engine Optimization |
Kumar Mahit's insight:

SEO will not be dead in future. It just change from traditional techniques to modern and new social techniques.


A list of important techniques for future SEO:



    Todays users mostly use smart phones to suf web.

    Optimize you website according for mobile users.


2. Article Length

    article content must be unique, informative and useful acoording to title.

    length must be long enough so that it satisfy users queries or the          purpose for that he is reading article.



    the most important and useful resource to join community and learners, trainers and knowledge. One of the best Internet Marketing technique.


4. Integrate Multimedia

    people like more images and video clips more than text on web pages, blogs and in social media, so keep in mind the quality of images and video length and should be informative.


5. Google Authorship

    Authorship means people who are authorative on web are given importance.


6. Keywords

    keywords will be always important . the reason is that user always put his/her query in keywords/phrases in search engine.


7. Content is King

    always write grammetically good and informative content in a perfect pattern with uniqueness. why users surf internet?, only for content and information.


Mahit Kumar


Freelancer SEO Analyst and Internet Marketing Consultant.

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Rescooped by Kumar Mahit from Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight!

How Google+ Can Boost Your Business | Mashable

How Google+ Can Boost Your Business | Mashable | Search Engine Optimization |

Google’s algorithm that informs how search results are ranked constantly evolves. However, one element is clearly important: how your business fares on Google+.


So in case 250 million users, 150 million of which are active, isn’t enough reason to entice you to incorporate Google+ into your company’s social media marketing, ranking higher in search results is definitely a reason to get involved. That and the fact that Google adds more than 10 million new users each month.


While Google hasn’t come out and said exactly how Google+ figures into its SEO equation, social media experts have a pretty good idea of how it all works. “Google is using the number of +1s, shares and general activity on Google+ as a ranking factor in the personal results of logged-in users,” said Mike Arnesen, senior SEO analyst at SwellPath. “This even extends out to the second degree, so friends of your friends will be affected when you +1 pages.”...

Via Jeff Domansky
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