Sea Turtles
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sea turtle conservancy

sea turtle conservancy | Sea Turtles |

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Jasmin N's insight:

-Each year thousands of hatchling turtles emerge from their nests along the southeast U.S. coast and enter the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, only an estimated one in 1,000 to 10,000 will survive to adulthood

-Predators such as raccoons, crabs and ants raid eggs and hatchlings still in the nest.

-Once they emerge, hatchlings make bite-sized meals for birds, crabs and a host of predators in the ocean.

-After reaching adulthood, sea turtles are relatively immune to predation, except for the occasional shark attack. 

-Although sea turtles have spiritual or mythological importance in many cultures around the world, this has not prevented humans from consuming their eggs or meat.

- In many coastal communities, especially in Central America and Asia, sea turtles have provided a source of food.

-turtle hunters comb the beaches at night looking for nesting females. Often, they will wait until the female has deposited her eggs to kill her. Then, they take both the eggs and the meat.

-people may use other parts of the turtle for products, including the oil, cartilage, skin and shell.

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Weather Channel's Brink series: protecting a billion baby sea turtles in the wild - Telegraph

Weather Channel's Brink series: protecting a billion baby sea turtles in the wild - Telegraph | Sea Turtles |
Watching the graphic slaughter of a sea turtle in Mexico fuelled Wallace Nichols' desire to save the animals from extinction
Jasmin N's insight:

- an "insatiable" market for turtle meat and eggs contributed to the decline in sea turtle populations around the world

-"There were just a few hundred animals coming up and laying their eggs on a beach," Nichols says, "where there used to be tens of thousands." 

-"The only people," he said, "who are going to be able to fix this are the people doing the turtle hunting."

- he founded the Grupo Tortuguero in 1999, which works with fishermen and their families in northwest Mexico.

-His Billion Baby Turtles project hopes to protect a billion baby sea turtles in the wild

-"I've devoted my life to saving sea turtles from the edge of extinction," Nichols says. One can only hope the success continues

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Straight from the turtle's mouth | Conservation | The Earth Times

Straight from the turtle's mouth | Conservation | The Earth Times | Sea Turtles |
The golfing fraternity and sorority have joined forces with Seaturtles911 to put back a little of that we have taken, in the case of hawksbills and green turtles.
Jasmin N's insight:

-Sea Turtles 911, released a rehabilitated hawksbill sea turtle and a green sea turtle back into the ocean blue

-Six months ago, the released Hawksbill turtle sustained an injury to her rear left flipper and became an amputee at the floating sea turtle hospital in Hainan, China. 

-Two days ago, 3rd Life was inadvertently caught in fishing net bycatch by a fisherman, who then contacted Sea Turtles 911 upon observing the organization's phone number on the turtle's metal flipper tag
-Green sea turtles and hawksbill turtles help in maintaining healthy sea grass beds and coral reefs, by eating predatory sponges and jellyfish that threaten coral reefs and fish stock

-The marine turtles checked out of the floating sea turtle hospital and returned to their natural habitat where they will once again be able to feast upon the natural green sea grass beds, sponges, and jellyfish.

-This is among the reasons why Sea Turtles 911 Founding Director, Frederick Yeh, and a host of volunteers work tirelessly to help raise sea turtle conservation awareness.

-sea turtles continue to face a myriad of threats, including the illegal shell trade, fisheries bycatch, and pollution.

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