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An aviary is typically a zoo for birds, referring to a large facility for keeping birds in captivity. These birds can however fly freely and unlike in cages, aviary birds live and simulate naturally with the environment. In most cases, aviary birds are found in zoological gardens. However, those who fancy the birds and do have such space for them will keep them in their private hobby farms. Associations and clubs for such aviary birds’ enthusiasts are also available.


In the USA, the National Aviary, the largest aviary in America (located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania), hosts up to 600 plus and over 200 different species of birds. Many of these birds feature on the endangered list. As a hobby, keeping birds in an aviary is fast picking up worldwide and gaining popularity. Many people find this to be an interesting way to relax.


The best way to make an aviary look and feel colourful is to introduce different species of birds, over time. The most popular species of aviary birds include Love birds, the Chinese Quail, Canaries and Zebra finch. These are birds that can be kept in smaller aviaries. For starters, initial setup costs for the aviary will largely depend on the choice of birds that make up your initial collection. Get in touch with professional bird keepers or bird clubs as they can offer you good information on the dietary habits and general care of aviary birds. Being well informed will help you maintain a good aviary with a happy set of birds.


If you want to build your own aviary, read this:

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