Active State thank you so much into sharpies well if all shed so much light on shedding pounds today I hope this has helped clear up some other weight loss confusion seems to be playing us think the message here is those simple stop making it so complicated you know it's just eating healthy and being conscious of what you put in your body but I want to hear from everyone at home to tell me about your weight loss journey want to hear about your struggles and your successes what's working and what's got you frustrated because dealing with weight loss and body image is hard and it can often be lonely so let's all help each other in shareware your story below post something on my Face book page or tweet at me I'm at Meredith Riviera I am definitely listening and hope wean all get healthy together in 2014 thanks for joining us thanks guys yeah dough everybody thanks so much for coming over top my website man shot hats on a fat loss expert with over 20 years of the real-world hands-on experience in the fitness industry and short I’ll presentation and reveal.