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Scooped by Edurne Álvarez! Helps Big Companies Share Knowledge Helps Big Companies Share Knowledge | |

We’ve tracked‘s progress as a curation platform for several years, and now the San Francisco-based company is launching a product aimed at helping large companies share ideas from across the Web both publicly and internally.

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Its tremendous :)
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Its incredible :)
Scooped by Edurne Álvarez!

What is and how can it benefit your online presence and platform development?

What is and how can it benefit your online presence and platform development? | |

oop"The great thing about is that you immediately get the sense that you’re being exposed to high-quality information in an intense manner and that you will benefit from it in the short- and long-term by digging deeper."

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How can benefit you? #wcim1314

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Thanks for scooping it!
Scooped by Edurne Álvarez! It just works

The purpose of this post is to let everyone know what is,  how to use it, and its advantages and disadvantages. I have selected some reliable sources in order to use appropriate information and give you a good summary of what is and means in our society. Here I have attached an explanatory video to introduce you in the topic.


What is

“ is a publishing power platform. With everyone is a publisher. It helps you find content from your favourite topics, and creates your own beautiful online magazine. Once you have choosen what you have to share you feed them through your social networks or blogs – Twitter, Facebook and WordPress. is totally free. isn’t like other content curation platforms because it looks good, it’s easy to use, and it actually does do all you want it to do.” (


How to use it?

In order to know an easy and fast way of how to use I am going to explain you step by step the process you have to follow:

1- Log in: you can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account

2- Choose your “Curated topics” and “Followed topics”: the first ones are the ones you create and about which you are going to write, and the latter, are the topics you like and you are going to research about.

3- Research on your interest topics.

4- Start writing accurately and taking care of what and how you write.

5- Share it in your profile and in the blogs related to your topics, if you want.


Advantages and disadvantages

The best point of is that you can find whatever from everyone about your favorite topics and easily as the posts are divided according to the topic. You can also recommend what you liked with your friends.

From another point of view I can also say that it may be a disadvantage that everyone can share its post, because you can find something that is not very reliable. So, be careful about what you read and pay attention to the author


As a conclusion I can say that till you haven’t experienced, you can’t know how it works and how it can benefit you. So that as a tip I would like to encourage you to start researching on and in a near future start writing and sharing your own contributions with everyone have access to this single but spectacular platform.


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Edurne Álvarez's insight: It just works #wcim1314

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How to use

How to use | |


The first thing you do after signing up is add the button to your tool bar so you can easily add posts as you find them. I’ve installed the button on both Firefox.

When you find a post/article that you want to save and click on the button, a dashboard appears on the right side of the page presenting you with a number of cool options. From the pop-up dashboard you can choose which topic to add it to, change the title, image and intro copy and choose which if any of your social channels you also want to share this post on.

When you share the post on Twitter, Facebook another box opens so you can add a comment. Then, when it appears on your social media profile, the tiny url that is automatically created, directs readers to the story on your topic page. This is a great way to build followers and encourage sharing and, if you doing a great job of curating for a topic, you will see more followers and shares.

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How to use #wcim1314

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