What salamanders can teach us about baseball

This is just plain cool. And there are lots of spinoffs. What other animals use predictive hunting? Can students make their own videos to support, say, a cat catching a toy in mid-air? If you are reading Maze Runner, Catching Fire, etc. can you find examples of this type of sensorimotor delay in the descriptive text?  

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2015 | MIT Technology Review

And an article about each to get students supercharged. If you read SF, many of these will be familiar to you, via cautionary tales.

3-D Printing Prosthetic Hands That Are Anything but Ordinary

A feel-good story at the early MS level. Could be used as the intro to a micro-funding project, a crowd-funding project, or any cloud/group project. Or maybe just because you have a 3D printer now and want some ideas.   

There's nice little metaphor in the article and some functional science vocabulary. Notice that the girl in the article wears pink while the boys wear Cyborg.  What would you wear?

Best Selling Science Books

For HS and gifted MS readers.  Many can be read in shorter selections or chapters.  

Successful launch of NASA's Orion spacecraft heralds first step on journey to Mars

Gosh - I hope someone is still reading The Martian Chronicles. This gem contains some of the best stories ever about interracial communication, technology, and love. This piece, of course, is about our quest to make the dream come true...

The science of why cops shoot young black men

ELA teachers: Students certainly can read this, especially when connected to multicultural lit. Note also the above quote. By reading - and discussing - lit. with non-white protagonists, you will be helping to form mindsets that balance automatic racially biased responses to real-life situations. Head on over to We Need Diverse Books (http://weneeddiversebooks.org/where-to-find-diverse-books/) for ideas.  More ideas for books, anyone?  

Candy: The next battle in America’s health war?

Timely topic, but also a very fine exercise in voice. I would call it friendly and nudging. How is it done? Students will have fun with this one. There are also data and nutritional factoids, quotations and summative statements. Teachers who can ask the right questions will find it worth their while.  And OH what a debate you can have!

The Slide Rule: A Computing Device That Put A Man On The Moon

and also, ""The slide rule is an instrument that was used to design virtually everything."  Just history?  something to put in the survival bag - with instructions?  Show the tool to your kids.

How Wolves Change Rivers

Find here two videos from George Monbiot - "How Wolves Change Rivers" is suitable for middle school; his TED talk that expands the "rewilding" concept for upper middle, GT, and high school.  These are persuasive pieces driven by "evidence" and logic.  They can be outlined, timelined, researched, argued against, localized. Great stuff for environmental studies.  What is the role(s) of Man, by the way, in rewilding?  

Should You Fear the Pizzly Bear?

Great piece from the NYTimes Magazine to accompany any reading of cli-fi at the 8th + level.  Like all good informational text, it could easily cross into a science curriculum.