What does science fiction tell us about the future of reproductive rights?JezebelThat's why so much science fiction deals with the question of how humans make babies — or don't make them — in alternate worlds that are often quite close to our own.


1. The basic subject of the column explains how some science fiction things can tell us about the future of reproductive rights.

2. The writer states that he wonders how humans are or aren't able to make babies. He questions if it's possible in alternate worlds.

3. The writer thinks it is possible that other life forms are out there in the gigantic universe that is able to sustain life and reproduce successfully.

4. The writer does state this opinion directly.

6. I learned that it is very much possible to have other forms of life that are able to reproduce like humans do.

7. The article is made to attract people who like science fiction.

8. The writer does offer enough evidence because he provides a lot of facts and knowledge about the topic.


2. The major rhetorical strategies the writer emplys help by explaining that he wonders why humans can make babies and how they can't, also. He explains that he thinks that there may be other forms of life that can reproduce like humans can. It was designed to attract any people who are interested in science fiction type things, so the article would gain many readers.