Science: conservation
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Science: conservation
-bones, skin and organs of large cats are valuable in traditional Asian medicine. Tigers are the prefered species for this purpose, but tigers are so rare that it is almost impossible to find one in the wild so snow leopards are substituted for tigers. worth $10000 -leaving less food for the wild sheep and goats that are the snow leopard’s main prey. With less food for the wild sheep and goats, there become fewer of these animals for the snow leopard. -Major threats to the snow leopard species include overhunting of the leopard’s prey, such as wild mountain goats and sheep, and the direct poaching of snow leopards for the fur trade. This powerful cat is also hunted is for its bones, which are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Snow leopards and humans are living in closer proximity than ever before, as people settle further into snow leopard habitat. Livestock herders increasingly view the cat as a threat to their livelihood, with many killing snow leopards suspected of preying on their domesticated sheep or goats. -The Trust, which started with a budget of just under $2,000 and a few dedicated volunteers, now boasts more than 50 staff worldwide and an annual budget of over id="mce_marker".5 million, all focused on preserving and protecting the endangered cat.
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