A social scientific network that attemps to stimulate industry-academic laboratories collaborations | Science 2.0 news | Scoop.it

Enlight Biosciences, a Boston-based company, is launching Knode: an internet platform dedicated to help industry scientists to interact and identify partners in academic laboratories interested in translation. Focused on the biomedical research field, the site enables networking between translational researchers by providing profiles of scientists, listing specialties, patents, grants and publications. Others services have been also aimed to galavanize interactions among those researchers, including BiomedExperts, ResearchGate, iamscientist. They have common themes, such as enabling researchers to share information, data, follow competitors, form collaborative groups and even engage donors to fund projects. Knode is also in that process of adding additionnals features, including the ability for scientists to list technologies or assets they have available for licencing. Knode has generated some high-profiles partners from the academic side, includng University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).