School uniforms
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Are School Uniforms Beneficial to the Education System

Are School Uniforms Beneficial to the Education System | School uniforms |
Alongside the smaller class sizes and a caring environment, can uniforms be beneficial to students?

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This article focuses on how school uniforms are beneficial to the Education System. They believe by wearing uniforms it has improved academics, positive behavior, long term financial benefits, school spirit, and also improvement of self-image. Students are less likely to suffer from behavior problems of uniforms are worn. By wearing uniforms students are less focused on what other students are wearing meaning they can focus on learning. Parents are spending less of course for their children clothing. Uniforms give parents the opportunity to save for other things that they family may need. With the students wearing the same uniform they feel more apart of the group.

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-1 in 5 public require public schools require uniforms. 60% more that in 2000

- mostly seen in private schools

-improve positive behavior in class, and students get along with peers better

- 67% of principles saw improvement in in students consintration and 79% saw improvement in classroom discipline.

-it improves students self esteem 

- parents spend less money on close with school uniforms.

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School Uniforms: The Debate Continues

2001. Video journalist Sean Feeney investigates claims by proponents of school uniforms and concludes that they do not truly live up to their hype. Update: T...

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The Pros of School Uniforms: Why Students Should Wear School Uniforms

Are you a support of school uniforms? Then let us hear all about it. We'll going to explore the pros of school uniforms and discuss why they are beneficial to today's American students.

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This article talks about how school uniforms benefits the parents in the morning because it saves time in the morning. They believe it's a decrease in bullying and teasing at schools. Buying school uniforms saves the parents money and they can buy their children more nicer things for the weekend. 

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This is a good  article because it makes reference to links of schools that use uniforms. It doesnt use emotional sentences or words ,instead it tells the more economic and academic benefits of a school uniform. It uses very good grammar and spelling.

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This is a good article because it has a lot of good examples. It is a proper grammar article. It is a good argument. It is a useful  site  with real understanding of the topic. Also it can change many peoples thoughts about the topic.