Attacks on Bluetooth-enabled devices can take place within a distance of 10 metres or more. Stay safe by installing firewalls and Kaspersky mobile phone antivirus software.

As many as three-quarters of mobile phone users are not aware of the internet security risks linked to Bluetooth-equipped devices. These risks come in four main guises:


- Bluejacking is when anonymous text messages are sent to mobile phones

- Bluespamming is when a phone’s contacts are secretly sent text messages

- Bluesnarfing is when hackers gain access to a mobile phone’s contacts

- Bluebugging is when hackers have access to a handset’s commands

While each of these risks is a nuisance, bluesnarfing and bluebugging are particularly serious. With bluesnarfing, hackers can gain access to stored data, such as a phonebook, calendar or to clone a phone.


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