XMS Media Gallery by Moxie Design | 建築 | Scoop.it

The building is an old four-story apartment in the city center, facing the fate of being torn down and rebuilt. Amidst the anticipation of city renewal, the façade of a series of adjoining “shop houses” conveys the desolation of fading glory. A group of designers pursuing innovation, created a fantastic view, filled with a sharp contrast. Soft and permeable nets bend and flex along the currents of wind and impacts of rain and with versatility actually present varied “postures” in a humble fashion. The irregular arrangement of the fence nets partition the monotone windows that mark the horizontal dimension, and the flickering lights of our hard-working partners twinkle in the night, echoing the challenges of metropolitan life. The design team works like dedicated farmers in the greenhouse nurturing the organic forces of life.

Via Lauren Moss