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Peninsula teacher, district failed a bullied boy - (blog)

Peninsula teacher, district failed a bullied boy - (blog) | school law | (blog)Peninsula teacher, district failed a bullied (blog)Students haze another student while a teacher is in the room at Kopachuck Middle School In February.
Brett Petersen's comment, August 31, 2012 3:22 PM
This topic is extremly important to all teachers. Bullying is a huge factor in most schools and most have a policy that pertains to it. This specific school had a strict non-bullying policy that it seemed this teacher broke. So when I read this article and found out that a number of kids were bullying a smaller student and the teacher was present and did nothing to stop it, especially of how cruel it was, makes me wonder how many teachers do not follow protocal. Other teachers can learn from this particular case to make sure it doesn't happen in their classroom. Students saftey is most important and this was the complete opposite approach. Teachers should know that this is not only unethical and wrong, it goes against their contract of what their really supposed to accomplish. Their was a similar case in in Austin Texas, where a mother of a student who as Asperger's was bullying for peroid of time and she claims the teachers knew, but did nothing about it. The students have a right to be in a protected and safe school, and these teachers had a chance to make things right and failed to do so.
Vikki Howard's comment, September 2, 2012 12:53 PM
I agree, this teacher certainly had an bizarre approach to bullying. Bullying is, and will continue to be a major issue in our schools--because the adults in our society have fallen into patterns of serious verbal violence (see any discussion board on any topic). Teachers have the important job of teaching tolerance and social skills --something I do not believe we prepare our teachers to do...what do you think? I am not sure this is a case of slander/libel though?? Who is slandered?
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400000 students face disruption after Chicago teachers vote to strike - (blog)

400000 students face disruption after Chicago teachers vote to strike - (blog) | school law | (blog)400000 students face disruption after Chicago teachers vote to (blog)The Chicago Teacher's Union voted unanimously Thursday to strike on Sept.
Brett Petersen's comment, August 31, 2012 5:14 PM
This certain article is important to teachers for many reasons. These teachers who are going on strike because they feel their not being treated right is affecting all students ( in this case 400,000). The teachers will keep striking until their comfortable with contracts that include wages, job security, and evaluation system. Teachers need to be an example, and this activist stunt is being seen as selfish and incompetent. Students are being deprived of learning, and if these teachers continue to go on strike, students will continue to suffer in their education. Even if the teachers have a reasonable case to be upset, forming a strike does nothing but hurt themselves and their students. These situations rarley work out for the teachers and should be a lesson for those who want to be an educator. In my mind, these teachers are doing a deformatory act based on them trying to disgrace, embarrass, and hold the school districts in contempt. A similar case was brought to attention in the supreme court of Hawaii. Where a teachers union wanted to go on strike before the Labor Relations board. Going on strike does not seem like a big deal until students are involved.
Vikki Howard's comment, September 2, 2012 1:00 PM
Teachers are often criticized for striking--even when their cause is justified--in this case it appears that teachers are striking to realize better schools for students; It seems that the public feels that teachers are the only ones responsible for ensuring quality education, and even when politicians vote to divert money to buy bombs, and when citizens vote down levies that would buy books for children--teachers themselves are the only ones who are to blame. Why should teachers be the only ones who care that children get educated? Why should teachers work under poor conditions, with little support and stagnant wages when the rest of society fails to take responsibility for educating our children? I agree that, on the face, teachers who strike for better conditions appear to be selfish--but is this slander? a person cannot defame themselves
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LETTER: Teacher tenure rules must be implemented fairly -

LETTER: Teacher tenure rules must be implemented fairly - | school law |
Lehighvalleylive.comLETTER: Teacher tenure rules must be implemented fairlyLehighvalleylive.comThe Express Times' recent editorial regarding the changes in the tenure law in New Jersey is correct on some points but not on others (“Christie's speech...
Brett Petersen's comment, August 31, 2012 4:15 PM
Teacher tenure is a important to know for anybody who wants to be a teacher. Even though teachers may have tenure does not mean they are being treated fairly or that the system has not failed them (as stated in article). The teacher tenure act is when a teacher can only be dismissed for incompetence or inefficiency, insubordination, moral misconduct and a few others. I bring this up because teachers who are persuaded to resign or retire by their districts just cause they want to save money or just not want that teacher around anymore is wrong. If this is happening then their Constitutional Law is being deprived. Their human rights under their tenure contract are being stripped. The districts would do this by making their jobs harder on purpose. Teachers need to know the importance of tenure and what the benifits and possible effects it can have on oneself. A teacher having tenure has more job security and continued employment that teachers that don't have tenure. A similar case was Perry vs. Sindermann. In this case, Sindermann was a non-tenured teacher that was not renewed after his one-year contract, and the board said it was cause of insubordination by disagreeing with the boards of education. Teacher tenure is something that anybody who wants to become one should look into.
Vikki Howard's comment, September 2, 2012 1:03 PM
While I cannot agree with harassing teachers into resigning or retiring, I am not sure that this is actual slander. Unless administrators use verbal or written statements that are derogatory and false to bait teachers into leaving the profession prematurely. A professional's reputation would certainly be damaged if this were the case.
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Handing out zeros could end Edmonton teacher's career - CTV News

Handing out zeros could end Edmonton teacher's career - CTV News | school law |
National PostHanding out zeros could end Edmonton teacher's careerCTV NewsAn Edmonton teacher whose suspension has stirred a debate over whether students should be given zeros when they don't do their work says he is on the brink of losing his job...
Brett Petersen's comment, August 31, 2012 5:44 PM
Teachers need to pay attention to what this article is about. Its very important and could save jobs. A teacher handing out zeros as their final grade on those particular assignments might end a teachers career. He did this on many occasions and its because the students did not do the homework. He got suspended and may never teach again. This is a hard case to determine which side is right. Teachers need to realize that simple things like this that you think is right can lead to a possible firing. School officials have qualified privelage, which is commenting on the school if their is concerns. This school did this and found what this teacher was doing in his classroom. a Similar case was found in Pueblo Magnet Highschool. In this case, a school district wanted to change their scoring policy. They wanted to put a policy where you cant get a zero on assignments even if they don't do the work. The lowest would be 50%. Teachers and their scoring policy is important and should not be handled lightly.
Vikki Howard's comment, September 2, 2012 1:07 PM
From the sublime to the ridiculous. What student who might receive a zero would feel better with a 50%? You are right to take away from this that, even when teachers feel they are doing everything right, they can find themselves in hot water--this is why some teachers try very hard to be innocuous--fear of arbitrary punishment/dismissal. This case has the potential to be slander/libel from either a student or teacher perspective--which angle do you take and why?