Hotel Elqui Domos, Chile: Sitting lightly within the desert landscape | scatol8® |

Bordering the Atacama Desert in Chile’s Andes Mountains, Valle de Elqui boasts an abundance of natural assets including a stable, hot climate favorable for wine growing and postcard-clear skies, coupled with high natural magnetism for some of the best star gazing in the Southern Hemisphere.

Resting in the heart of the valley, Hotel Elqui Domos provides a unique eco-tourism accommodation experience through its spatial composition and relationship to place. The original complex was designed by architects Rodrigo Duque Motta as a series of seven geodesic dome tents.

Recently, the hotel has added four wooden cabanas, each intended as a private observatory and space for introspection. Perching very lightly on the landscape, the cabins negotiate the views of the valley and mountain from opposing sides. Their stilt-like foundations are sympathetic to the surrounding vegetation and topographical variations in the land, and the upper roof decks accentuate their privileged position within the site’s geography...

Via Lauren Moss