INfographic: Green Manufacturing Over Time | scatol8® |

In the last decade alone, the worldwide demand for the manufacture of goods has risen, resulting in increased levels of C02 emissions in the world's atmosphere. In 2010, 33,000 tons of C02 released into the atmosphere as a result of manufacturing.

If we don't reduce this number, these greenhouse gases will change the world for good. So, what are companies doing in the way of green manufacturing? This infographic investigates this, while reviewing the numerous positives of turning to a deeper shade of green.

It also shares what consumers are saying to green companies, their demands for more sustainable products, and the promise of safety, health and energy saving and even during an economic downturn. Also indicated on this infographic is the increased power of consumers to make companies more eco-friendly, and manufacturers are now realizing the value of eco-friendly companies, contributing to a more sustainable shared future...

Via Lauren Moss