Phorce.. call it a cool smart bag | scatol8® |

"Anytime I say “cool” while finding new gadgets I know it is a good one. So before you say “not another bag story” - stop. You will want to read this one. The ongoing quest for people on the move is charging devices.


Phorce combines technology and practical design to come up with a functional piece you won’t want to live without. On the technology side, watch out. Phorce offers charging for 3 USB devices simultaneously. How much power? The integrated lightweight battery pack can give you 8 iPhone (4, 4S, 5) or 6 Galaxy (SIII) charges. That is also enough to provide a full charge for a new iPad. For the real Mac gurus the Phorce for Mac version can charge a variety of Mac Books – Air, Pro and Pro Retina."


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Via Mo Hall