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Katarxis is an online publication regarding urbanism and architecture which in its 3rd edition, incorporates science into the equation. With words and thoughts from Christopher Alexander, Andres Duany, Nikos Salingaros, Leon Krier, Philip Ball, Brian Goodwin and Ian Stewart among others. The issue also incorporates the legendary 1982 debate, between Christopher Alexander and Peter Eisenman.


"People used to say that just as the twentieth century had been the century of physics, the twenty-first century would be the century of biology… We would gradually move into a world whose prevailing paradigm was one of complexity, and whose techniques sought the co-adapted harmony of hundreds or thousands of variables. This would, inevitably, involve new technique, new vision, new models of thought, and new models of action. I believe that such a transformation is starting to occur…. To be well, we must set our sights on such a future." Christopher Alexander


Christopher Alexander's Essay here: http://www.katarxis3.com/Alexander_Architecture_Science.htm


Christopher Alexander and Peter Eisenman debate here: http://www.katarxis3.com/Alexander_Eisenman_Debate.htm

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