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A great lesson in humility... I think this article touches the major problem of social media, too much blah blah and personal promotion and not enough real useful information for all. It's to each of us to finding the right ratio between the two... I have an idea about that, and you? [note mg]


Why brands have this endless fascination with social media is one of the more fascinating phenomena in business today--especially since many are missing the one key ingredient that, if ignored, will turn their most choreographed efforts into social media hell.


When it comes to branding and the ever-changing social media phenomenon, you’re not a mushroom. In other words, you shouldn’t be kept in the dark and fed a pile of...well, you get the idea.


Every once in while, a certain business mania surfaces. As you saw in the video above, history is filled with these blips: The telephone. Radio. TV. The fax machine. The Internet. And now social media. Within social media, it splinters further--it seems like there’s always a shiny new network. Before Pinterest, there was Google Plus. Before Google Plus, well, you know the drill. And on and on.


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Via Martin Gysler