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Plus Size Lingerie Store Owner Chrystal Bougon: 'Life Is Too Short For Ugly Underwear!'

Plus Size Lingerie Store Owner Chrystal Bougon: 'Life Is Too Short For Ugly Underwear!' | Satisfashion |
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Robyn Lawley may have landed a Ralph Lauren campaign and Vogue put Adele on the cover, but plus-size women (or what is considered "plus-size" by fashion execs) are still treated as an insignificant minority in the industry. Despite the fact that 57 percent of American women buy plus-size clothing and the average woman is a size 14, it is still difficult for curvy shoppers to find their sizes in stores. In fact, there are still only two plus-size lingerie stores in the entire country.

So we spoke to Chrystal Bougon, owner of one of the two stores, Curvy Girl Lingerie. At size 22 with a background in the adult toy business, Chrystal knew that curvier women wanted to dress as sexily as size 2 women but simply don't have the options. So we asked the entrepreneur about the state of the plus-size world today -- the good, the bad and the promising.


HuffPost: I was really excited to see what you're doing, mainly because I feel like we've been hearing so much about plus-size lately. Do you feel like there's some sort of cresting happening in the industry right now?

Chrystal Bougon: Yeah, it's crazy. At first I thought it was just because I was sensitive to the word, so I was seeing a lot of it in the media, and I saw it on a lot of sites that aren't what I would call mainstream. But it's also been in the mainstream media, like "Good Morning America" and "The View." I'm like, wow -- when I started my store, I kind of felt like there was momentum. But now it's like wow, we're really in the middle of this really huge movement.

HuffPost: Do you think it has anything to do with larger trends, including talk of too-skinny models and eating disorders in the fashion industry, or do you think it was just about time?

CB: I think there are probably a lot of things at play there. But the average American woman is a size 14, so I think it was coming. Now larger people are more in command of what’s being created, because we need more stuff! We need clothes, stuff that doesn't look like muumuus. We are such a huge part of the population.

HuffPost: Do you think all the talk we're hearing about plus-size is just hype or are we seeing real developments on the ground when it comes to mainstream retail?

CB: Well, I think that there are still not a lot of places for me to shop. I'm a size 20-22 and there are about three places I can shop in an actual store. You can buy stuff all over the place online, but when you're curvy, it's really hard to buy stuff online. And the different lingerie companies sell lingerie from all kinds of different manufacturers, but you don’t know that when you're online. So I would order everything in my size, say 10 items, and then I would end up returning seven of them because seven of the 10 didn’t fit.

So it's like the Wild Wild West out there as far as plus-sizes go, because curvy bodies are so different. Our curves are in all different places so it’s tricky for a plus-size manufacturer to find patterns for everybody. Everybody who is a size 20 doesn't look the same. Some of us have big booties, some of us have big boobs... I just think really it's a big thing, because there are so many more of us, and we're demanding that we get paid attention to and we don’t want to hide anymore. We don’t want to just wear muumuus and caftans and big color-block things that you can find at Walmart. We want to look sexy and we want to look relevant and cute. We're not going to hide. We're done hiding.

Interview continued at the Huffington Post:

Lindsay Broatch's insight:

so true!

Swanky Pins's curator insight, July 26, 2013 5:16 AM

As a retailer of hosiery & lingerie, I  have to say it is far more difficult to find suppliers that cater for plus-sizes, most ranges seem to be available up to 18 only. 

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Facebook Introduces Pinterest-Style, Curated "Collections"

Facebook Introduces Pinterest-Style, Curated "Collections" | Satisfashion |

Robin Good: Facebook has introduced a new curation feature designed to allow its users to collect and organize their favorite "products" into so-called "Collections".


According to Hubspot "the new feature called 'Collections,' allows marketers to add “Want” or “Collect” buttons to news feed posts about products."




The new FB "Collections" is publicly available to everyone, and it is being tested "with 7 retail partners -- Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, Neiman Marcus, Smith Optics, and"

(you need to go to those FB brad pages to test it).


It also seems that the feature can be activated in at least three different ways by one of these three upcoming action buttons:


a) "Want": adds the product to a Timeline section of a user's profile called “Wishlist”


b) "Collect": adds the item to a Collection called “Products”


c) "Like": a special version of the standard "Like" button that also adds the item to “Products”


N.B.: While Collections are free for business pages to use, they're only visible to the page's fans. You have to "Like" the page in order to see these types of posts.


Find out more here:


and here:







Lindsay Broatch's insight:

This could be cool

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Tips to Increase Fanbase of Facebook Business Pages

Tips to Increase Fanbase of Facebook Business Pages | Satisfashion |
Peter Wilkinson Panther Social Media A business social media course, social media training UK course or social media for business partner can radically improve the number of fans that come to your business Facebook page.

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ShopBestNaturals's comment, July 25, 2013 2:21 AM
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any trick to do ?
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no tricks, sorry, only good job :)
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Lanciotti de' Verzi: I Love Flat Shoes

Lanciotti de' Verzi: I Love Flat Shoes | Satisfashion |

The new Spring/Summer Fashion 2013 trends for women have no half way measures, it's either very high heeled pumps, open toe shoes, wedges or totally flat shoes that are back in fashion as elegant moccasins and lace ups or casual flat pumps right through to sneakers

Of course the of all the varieties among flat shoes, the version to reign supremely is the flat pump which is certainly one of the "musts" for this season in a gamut of pastel colours that aspire to soft hues from powdery pink to oranges with woven varieties extremely soft to wear. For those who prefer brighter colours, this year's trend is towards fluorescent colours that run from bright yellow to crimson. Alternatives inkeeping with the theme permit eveyrone to individualize their own "look" without being forced to wear high heels but by wearing highly refined laceups or delicate moccasins which have come boldly back into fashion in the last fashion parades by Armani, Gucci,from Stella mcCartney to Prada.

A number of world famous stylists such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin have brought the androgynous look back onto the catwalk, by retouching laceups these flat styles can be pleasantly matched with casual tight jeans or leggings under oversized jumpers or with jersey or stretch trousers, but they are also suitable for ankle length wider legged trousers or can also be matched with flared high-waisted skirts or short dresses in full MadMen style. For a more professional look these laceups are perfect with flared trousers or fitted straight skirts.

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This Summers Shoe Trend

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