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"Here at Collectors Quest, we’ve already discussed how countries are now legally pursuing artifacts that belong to their nation’s history, often winning their court cases even when the objects sat in museums. And hubby and I have shared our story of vintage 20th Century Fox Film Studio ephemera, regaling how our legal purchase garnered us an item which was once stolen. (It turned out well for us; but it doesn’t always work out that way.) But there’s another category of troublesome collecting surrounding those items with legal contractual right issues.


These contractual rights, if ignored, differ from outright theft; but it still means that the new owner has obtained the object illegally. The result is that a collector will likely be court ordered to return the item — often with no compensation (other than, if they can afford it, the option of suing the person or party they purchased the forbidden item from). So this legalese is important to know.."

Via Deanna Dahlsad