The Inconvenient Truth of Education 'Reform' | Sapere Aude |

"In the recent Presidential Election, both candidates proclaimed education reform to be 'the civil rights issue of our time' – the very same words uttered by former president George Bush over a decade ago when he signed the No Child Left Behind legislation. Events this week revealed how market-driven education policies, deceivingly labeled as 'reform,' are revealing their truly destructive effects on the streets and in the corridors of government. From the streets, we heard from civil rights and social justice activists from urban communities that school turnaround policies mandated by the Obama administration’s education agenda are having disastrous results in the communities they were originally intended to serve. From the corridors of government, we were presented with irrefutable evidence that leaders driving the reform agenda are influencing public officials to write education laws in a way that benefits corporate interests rather than the interests of students, parents, and schools. These events, in tandem, reveal an inconvenient truth of education reform that should make anyone who promotes these policies question, 'Whose interests are being served here?'" | by Jeff Bryant


Via Todd Reimer