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A weekend in Barcelona just wasn’t enough. I never really had a hankering to go to Barcelona, having only vaguely heard of Antoni Gaudi and associated Picasso primarily with Paris; hence why I wasn’t expecting to be blown away artistically by Barcelona as much as I did. I went down for 3 days with a good friend of mine and found a great deal on Barcelona Point, for accommodation. Unfortunately we never did any clubbing, as my friend sliced open his toe on our first night in Barcelona. Having a sore bulging toe meant he could not wear shoes and no nightclub in Barcelona was going to allow him in without proper shoes. So we contented ourselves with making the most of our days and socializing at the hostel party events. We did the Gaudi free walking tour and at first I wasn’t highly impressed with his style. His first paid works were the lampposts in the Placa Reial which looked overdone and overly gothic. I guess I prefer my lampposts to be simple and elegant.