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Instagram launches full image feed for desktop browsers

Instagram launches full image feed for desktop browsers | Santa Barbara Photography |

Instagram has slowly been transitioning towards a model where users can interact with its content on the web, and today it has introduced a full newsfeed for desktop browsers. Now, when you go to, users can see all of the photos posted from the users they follow, like photos by clicking them, and take advantage of inline commenting. For the times when you're not on-the-go and want to catch up on your friends' photos, this should be a much easier way to do so. While Instagram has long maintained focus on providing an excellent mobile experience, it has been building out its web presenceever since being purchased by Facebook. Now, users should be able to get the full Instagram experience on their laptop or desktop — though images can still only be uploaded from your mobile. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom wrote that while he believes that photos should be shared while on-the-go, Instagram's web presence will help users have a fast and simple brwosing experience. Instagram says the new feed is live now, though some users are experiencing trouble pulling it up as of this writing.

Albert DiPadova's insight:


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John Baran Art | Facebook

John Baran Art | Facebook | Santa Barbara Photography |
Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.
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Reggie Watts disorients you in the most entertaining way Reggie Watts' beats defy boxes. Unplug your logic board and watch as he blends poetry and crosses musical genres in this larger-than-life ...
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André Brito Nude Photography

André Brito Nude Photography | Santa Barbara Photography |

Fantastic images of the human form.

Via Tom Haegemans
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This Sky Will Take Your Breath Away

This Sky Will Take Your Breath Away | Santa Barbara Photography |
Oftentimes, in art and in life, the sky is seen as an a passive backdrop, a static canvas against which forms of life blossom and transform.
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SteelDove™ | 240 Studio

Hi S,

My wife and I owned and operated a women's apparel company for seven years with multiple retail locations and a large web presence, (which was acquired this past year by a larger organization, yea!) and now we provide high volume photography for other eCommerce websites.


Shooting for our Print Catlaog and Website we quickly refined the process to maximize the efficiency of high volume eCommerce fashion photography.


The best advice I can give your friend when shooting for the web is to develop a consistent style, less she end up with a mish-mash of models, manequins and manufacturer's stock images.


Oddly, there isn't a big budget difference shooting on mannequin vs. on model because a good model can change quickly vs. a mannequin, which needs to be dressed, steamed and stylized.

Website fashion models don't need much Hair & Makeup because typically you're going to cut their heads off, but they do require some.


At one end of the spectrum you have the get it done in a day

mentality... So let's say you just need a moderately stylized, clean image, on model, on white. You could probably shoot one outfit every 15 minutes, which gives you 4per hr. x 10hrs = 40 outfits ( if you don't stop for lunch:)


On the other end of the spectrum is the make it look good mentality and you take 30-min. per outfit and end up with, less stress, a chance to experiment and better images overall, albeit at twice your single day budget.


Obviously the difference between the two is the cost of another day of photography, models, hair and makeup, lunches. etc etc. etc.


Then there's always post production, which the digital-tech is working on while the photographer is shooting. He needs client approvals on pulling selcts, there there's color correction of images, knocking out the backgrounds to pure white and exporting to compressed web file formats.


So what does it all cost? Ultimately it depends on how good you want it to look and how much you have to spend.


Just like a great wine it's the nuances of good photography that make all the difference - which becomes especially apparent when you're trying to convert an online shopper who will compare your garments with one click to Nordstrom's photos.


Generally speaking you can get a good team including the photographer, photo-assistant and digital-tech, hair & make up, stylist, studio rental and a few assistants for around $4-5k for a 10 hr day.


So it all comes down to - do you need one or two days of shooting to get it right?


Hope this helps....


On Jul 17, 2012, at 8:52 PM, X wrote:

Hi Albert!
I am trying to get a rough estimate for my studio mate, we are still in the works with our budget, but wanted to get an idea of your going rate for shooting roughly 30-40 items, each with a front, side and back shot, as well as possible alternative views. We are ok with a mannequin, but would be interested in getting a quote for a model.
All the shots would need to be with a clean white backdrop, and the mannequin would need to be photo shopped to a pasty blue color.
What is your turnaround time, and do you charge additional for 1 day turn around?

These images would be used for an online store, we are still in the works with this project, but want to get an idea of what we should anticipate.
Thank you!


From: Albert DiPadova
To: X
Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 1:12 PM
Subject: 240 Studio Production Bid

Hi Hazel,
I just picked up your VM and would be glad to talk with you about our Studio rates and shooting for the web.

Either your creative team can take over the studio or we can coordinate the complete production from model casting, photography, post-processing to the distribution of the images.

In order to provide you with a accurate estimate I'd need to better understand your project. Please provide some basic info and I can jump on a call with you to discuss tomorrow.


Imminent Deadline:
Number of Items:
Description of Items:
On Model or Mannequin:
Against white vs. stylized set vs. lifestyle on location:
Should we budget for :
Hair Makeup Y/N
Wardrobe Stylist Y/N
Post-Production image editing: Y/N
Daily Catering
Any particular client request or amenities ?


Do you want a bid for 360 degree spin sets of your projects from our service ?



Albert DiPadova
1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez Suite 240
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

P: 805-845-8870
F: 805-845-6555


PS., we're dog friendly so please feel free to bring your moderately mellow four legged friends.

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240 Studio Santa Barbara

240 Studio Santa Barbara | Santa Barbara Photography |
Santa Barbara Photo Studio for Commercial Production, Photography, Video, Film, and Events...
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