salutiqueerdavenezia | Saludos QUEER desde Venecia |

Venice may be the city of love. Perhaps.
It is certainly a cosmopolitan and “art city”, is presented as open and friendly, has a lively underground community and being queer seems to be not a problem.

But is it really like this?
Homophobic prejudices are deep, from workplace to schools, from institutions to the bars.
It's difficult to talk openly about civil rights, as it is throughout Italy.

QUEER Greetings from Venice is a series of audiovisual portraits of people who have collaborated with the Venice Queer Observatory, participating in events or conducting joint initiatives. Some are just acquaintances, as often happens in this city.

Nine views of men and women about their own city. 
People who give meaning to this civic platform called “Queer Observatory”. A new material for creative, active and collective process of constructing our identity.

QUEER Greetings from Venice!