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Sales - It's complicated would be the proper way to describe the love/hate relationship between Sales and Marketing. But it doesn't have to be that way. Having been on both sides of ...




Tip No. 1: Be specific when asking for input


Be very deliberate and specific when speaking with your Sales counterparts. Listen to what they have to say, but define your questions to seek actionable input. For example: "My budget is X and my resources are Y. Given that you have these five priorities to focus on this quarter, where would be the biggest bang for the buck for marketing?"


Tip No. 2: Act like an expert in your own domain


You are an expert in your own domain, so start acting like one. Do your research. Be confident. Provide insights that are relevant and meaningful to your stakeholders. Prepare a strong business case by clearly articulating the "why" and "why not." Always include key success factors and anticipated outcomes in your plan. Deliver what you promised.


Tip No. 3: Every email communication should be a valuable one


How do I put my own stamp on my emails to make them stand out?

First, I keep my subject line short and I use key words that are most meaningful and sometimes intriguing to my readers.Second, I use bullet points and highlight key phrases instead of just meandering text.Third, I don't forward anything without including a brief commentary of why this is important (and I rarely keep the same subject line when forwarding).


Tip No. 4: Align your plan with the sales cycle


Mapping your deliverables to sales cycles will get you more attention and results. I know that in the technology space sales cycles can be anywhere between 3 and 18 months, so I deliberately pack Q1 and Q2 with more activities than the second half of the year. This way you can harness the surging energy and attention of your sales team from the start (often as a direct result of an inspiring kickoff) and show success for them in the current fiscal.


Tip No. 5: Help the ones who want to be helped


Work with those who want to work with you and need your help the most. Invest in the stakeholders who understand the value of Marketing. Make them successful and promote their successes widely in the company.

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