Internet censorship: Meet SOPA's European sister ACTA | Firstpost | ACTA, Sister of SOPA |

1)The basic topic is ACTA. 2) The writer states basically that they are trying to make it to where the internet can only be used for certain people. 3) The writer doesnt agree with this because he feels that it is our right to do what we wish, even on the internet. 4)He doesnt state this directly, but more proves his point with others words and facts. 5)The stragities that this writer uses is that of the voice of the people. 6)I learned that the columist feels just as strongly against this as those of us teens. 7) This article was written for anyone against SOPA and ACTA. 8) Yes. I already felt strongly about the issue at hand and their words just help reinforce it. 9) Anderson, Charman. "Internet censorship: Meet SOPA's European sister ACTA." 23 Feb. 2012