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If you do that if you're just so nervous that you have to jump in and rush to fill that sounds good you’re afraid you're going to loser she's going to now right than I'll just another one of those guys just another one of those guys mom truth so what you have to do in that situation how do you teach her how to have a conversation at that moment of truth you employ a little something but I like to call shame yeah that's right you make her feel shame you shame is one of the most powerful emotions known to man we all know this and in that moment where you know it comes to a wall in your feeling all nervous you're feeling all that anxiety oh my god the conversation going to die what you're used to doing no situation you're used to putting ashamed on yourself I have to say something.

I have to make that happen I have to keep this going out that the right thing is that what you're looking for I would say next what am I supposed to do next why it's not your job it's both at your job suppose a conversation is supposed to be a cooperative effort why are you putting all the pressure on yourself to do everything picture of the pedestal at that moment of truth right there when it's very natural to feel that anxiety to feel that nervousness take a deep breath your man you can take it I remember she's a girl she can't so I put that shame on her I put that pressure that I'm peeling and putting on Valley I'm handing it over to her this is yours I redid my partner conversation now.

It’s your turn don't know how this stuff works so what I do at that moment of truth really simple but important so important there's one thing I want you guys to do in conversations I this is it at that moment of truth when you're nervous in your first instinct is to look of unfair oh well I say next looking right in the eye and just get expression on your face that says well we got I'm listening to put him on the spot silence deadfuckin silence I want them to feel everything allow about anxiety.