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Advance Innovation Group - YouTube

Advance Innovation Group - YouTube | six sigma training india |

Some anonymous market strategist commented about the transformation of the industry & market behavior – from traditional paper, print, radio & television media to “e” mode. I liked the concept and the comment hence sharing it with you.

“E” Mode has gained immense popularity among people in no time and is increasing it’s share every moment. This doesn’t make traditional methods of paper, print, radio & television media obsolete however it is going to standout challenging their existence.

We still make connections with audience on paper, print, radio & television media however we make those connections turn into relationship on “E” Mode. Specifically You Tube – at zilch the price you pay for the traditional media. It stays there and helps people to remain connected in a relationship. Share their views – positive as well as negative. It helps you design a better marketing strategy as your audience is an active participant on You Tube.


We at Advance Innovation Group are completely in Sync with the ideology mentioned above. On Oct 2nd 2011 we launched our own YouTube channel

The numbers as of today reads as 378 subscribers with over 46500 views. That’s a staggering number for videos just meant for professionals. These aren’t any sensational movie clips or a breaking news which can get to such a number in no time but for an elite class of professional s who are either contributing to the process excellence fraternity or aspire to do so.


We have videos available on this you tube channel broadly in the following categories.

Six Sigma Videos – 50 videosSix Sigma Minitab Videos – 12 videosISO 9001 videos – 17 videosLean Videos – 2 videosLinked Videos – 9 videos

One of the most viewed videos is about Gage R&R Anova Method using Minitab Statistical tool.

The author of this video “Pranay Kumar” who happens to be the Principal Consultant of Advance Innovation Group has explained the concept of Gage R&R Annova Method precisely to ensure that it serves as a reference point for a new comer to Process Excellence. We could clearly see the eye for detail in this video. Alone this video accounts for over 7500 views in no time.


It’s great to see such Master Black Belts participating in the drive to spread the process excellence knowledge gained throughout their tenure.

At Advance Innovation Group, we encourage our students to subscribe to these videos so that they can continue to get latest videos as & when they are uploaded on various topics. Our YouTube channel is fairly new and evolving continuously. We intend to work very closely with our students to develop more videos not only on Six Sigma but various other subjects related to the industry. This channel alone can serve the purpose of knowledge feeding space for process excellence industry.

Like our blog, we would like this channel work as a discussion forum wherein anyone & everyone is welcome to join the conversation. We appreciate your feedbacks shared so far – All feedback – good or bad. We thank you for your participation and views as it will only help us better your experience.

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Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training in Noida,Delhi-India

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training in Noida,Delhi-India | six sigma training india |

Introducing a must have new educational program of Master Black Belt Training Noida by the leader in Lean Six letter of the sigma education. Develop career-critical skills within the world’s solely 100 percent on-line Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six letter of the sigma program!

Once you’ve down Six letter of the sigma and evidenced your ability to implement the methodology, expand your influence and structure impact by earning each a sophisticated Master Certificate in Lean Six letter of the sigma and Lean Master Black Belt certification by finishing this three-course program and certification test.


These in-demand credentials can empower you with the talents and techniques to manage, mentor and encourage all Six letter of the sigma Black Belts in your organization.

In addition to sanctioning Black Belts to realize Lean Six letter of the sigma Master Black Belt certification, this program examines business processes from a holistic perspective, empowering you to implement Six letter of the sigma methods that may produce a positive impact across your entire enterprise.

Featuring the Lean Six letter of the sigma Master Black Belt course, the great program helps you develop skills that are essential to advance your career as an in-house coach on Six letter of the sigma.


Earning your advanced master certificate and Lean Six letter of the sigma Master Black Belt certification demonstrates your experience, proficiency and superior information, and it boosts your skilled worth to any organization. You will:


Achieve Master Black Belt certification with completion of track and certification testLearn evidenced leadership and management skillsGive your earnings a boost: per iSixSigma international earnings Survey, the typical earnings of Noida Master Black Belts is $134,779 – $30,000 over Black Belts!Take a holistic approach to your company’s Lean Six letter of the sigma efforts

What you will study?

Planning and Development

How to develop and deploy quality plansCompetitive IntelligenceStakeholder and Customer inputHoshin PlanningOrganizational Assessment and Measures of ExcellenceGap Analysis, Inspection, and PreventionEnterprise-wide DeploymentLink Projects to StrategiesProject Tools and Project DefinitionProject identification, prioritization, and qualificationIntegrating quality initiativesAnalyzing stakeholdersMaximizing your influence

Tactics for Successful Projects 

Advanced presentation skillsManage and develop project teamsLean basics, Value Stream Mapping, and KaizenProject Solutions and analysisConcepts of reliabilityReliability metrics and modelsFailure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action (FRACAS)FMEA and Design review to manage riskDFSS (Design for Six Sigma) ModelsHouse of QualitySupplier Relationships and selection strategiesSupplier Quality Assurance

Analytical Tools-Useful Data and Financial Measures

Measurement Systems AnalysisGage R&R using MinitabData Collection and TrainingGage Study and Kappa StatisticSampling strategiesFinancial measures to analyze performanceCost of qualityMeasuring quality costs

Analytical Tools-Inferential Statistics

Confidence Intervals and point interval estimatesHypothesis TestingOne Sample Proportion testingOne way ANOVAEstimating Sample sizes for statistical inferenceStatistical normality testsMann-Whitney TestLevene’s TestMood’s Median TestFriedman’s TestAnalytical Tools-Measuring and ModelingRegression ModelingSimple and multiple regressionMethod of Least SquaresDesigned ExperimentsKPIV and KPOVNested Designs and change variablesMixture DesignsMain Effect plots and interaction plotsFold-over designAnalytical Tools-Statistical Process Control 
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Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification in Noida, Delhi

Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification in Noida, Delhi | six sigma training india |

Education is a prime constituent of your Six Sigma inventiveness. Six sigma training in Delhi bears great value to one’s professional life. Underneath is a commendation of what should be incorporated in your training, whether carrying out a third-party or in-house consultant.

Six Sigma Green Belt training in Gurgaon may include the following curriculum and body of information



Overview of Six SigmaFinancial Benefits of Six SigmaDMAIC Methodology OverviewThe Six Sigma LanguageThe Impact of Six Sigma to The Organization


Project DefinitionProject CharterProject ManagementChartering a TeamDeveloping a Business CaseSupport for Project, Gathering Voice of the CustomerDefining Roles and ResponsibilitiesSIPOC DiagramTranslating Customer Needs into Specific Requirements (CTQs)Define Phase Review



Data Attributes (Continuous Versus Discrete)Process Mapping (As-Is Process)Measurement System AnalysisDefining MetricsData Collection TechniquesGage Repeatability and ReproducibilityData Collection PlanCalculating Sample SizeUnderstanding VariationCalculating Process Sigma LevelMeasuring Process CapabilityRolled Throughput YieldStatistical Software TrainingVisually Displaying Baseline PerformanceMeasurement Phase Review



Visually Displaying Data (Run Chart, Histogram, Scatter Diagram, Pareto Chart)Value-Added AnalysisDetailed (Lower Level) Process Mapping of Critical AreasCause and Effect Analysis (a.k.a. Ishikawa, Fishbone)Data Segmentation and StratificationAffinity DiagramProcess Performance (Cp, CpK, Pp, PpK, CpM)Correlation and Regression (Linear, Multiple)Non-Normal Data Distribution TransformationsShort Term Versus Long Term CapabilityGoodness of Fit TestingCentral Limit TheoremAnalysis of Variance (ANOVA), Two Sample T-Tests, Chi Squared TestHypothesis TestingVerification of Root CausesDesign of Experiments (DOE) – Full, Fractional FactorialsDetermining Opportunity (Defects and Financial) for ImprovementStatistical Software TrainingAnalyze Phase ReviewProject Charter Review and Revision


Multi-VotingBrainstormingQuality Function Deployment (House of Quality)Process SimulationSelecting a SolutionPoka Yoke (Mistake Proofing Your New Process)Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)Piloting Your SolutionStatistical Software TrainingImplementation PlanningCulture Modification Planning For Your OrganizationImprove Phase Review


Statistical Process Control (SPC)Assessing The Results of Process ImprovementRational SubgroupingLaunching Process Standards for Inputs, Process and OutputsDocumenting the ProcessDeveloping a Process Control PlanStatistical Software TrainingControl Phase Review

Some of the tasks expected from Green Six Sigma Green belts are:

Six Sigma Green Belts must expect to series recurrently happening gatherings with their Black Belt coach to make another study of project advancement and seek out advice.Project tollgate reassessment typically takes place with the organization’s management team.Green Belts will be able to create a pareto diagram and histogram, and know the disparity between the two.Adding up Green Belt training and plan adjoin to what must be accomplished in the work day, but remember. Productivity and profits you achieve from your project will build your life much effortless later.Not everybody on your Green Belt team is going to reminiscent the Six Sigma development process. Transformation is frequently complex for people to adopt. Your management will play a significant role in determining the team and the project’s results.




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Six sigma Training in delhi

Six sigma Training in delhi | six sigma training india |

A Six Sigma India Green Belt profession can be both fulfilling and challenging, and offers a lot of job opportunities. Although the Green Belt label is the primary level of quite a lot of levels of Six Sigma certification accessible, it still bears significant credence in the business commune and can provide you a periphery in landing extremely pleasing positions with a number of world’s most reputed companies. The Six Sigma training in India should be undertaken with utmost concentration, as it has the potent to change the carrier of an individual. In fact it may mark the beginning of an excellent career option.


The main beliefs of Six Sigma are so extensively pertinent that workforce expert in its use is insistently highly valued and sought-after. Whether you are determined to get on a Six Sigma Green Belt profession pathway or employ Green Belt certification as a pacing stone to a superior level of know-how, you should regard as your options cautiously and appreciate what kinds of job prospects will be unlocked to you.

Experts with Six Sigma Green Belt official recognition are comprehensively recognizable with the fundamental code of belief of Six Sigma and are competent to apply its main beliefs to their occupation on an everyday basis. The positions best matched for Green Belts comprise of mid- level to upper- level business managers, consultants, process engineers and industrial engineers.


There are a large number of Six Sigma Green Belt profession paths accessible in practically every industry, because the actuality that Six Sigma can be useful in augmenting business processes in a lot of diverse fields. That’s why an increasing number of organizations are seeking to fill an extensive selection of positions with applicants who are skilled and proficient at applying the values of Six Sigma.

In general, the high-level management posts are retained for Six Sigma India Black Belts and Six Sigma India Master Black Belts. On the other hand, Six Sigma Green Belt certification will place you at a distance from non-certified aspirants competing for positions that involve complex process managing skills. It can also organize you to maintain on to superior levels of official recognition when and if you make your mind up to pursue an administrative management position.


Foremost job-search sites have hundreds and thousands of positions from renowned and distinguished companies offering Six Sigma Green Belt holders a lucrative career opportunity. Employers such as Honeywell, United Health Group, Volkswagen and GE have been dynamically seeking specialists possessing Six Sigma certification to recruit for a variety of positions, such as:


Lead Manufacturing EngineerLean Six Sigma ConsultantProcess Development EngineerReliability EngineerCompliance Structural EngineerSenior IT Project ManagerOperating System SpecialistBusiness Process AnalystWarehouse Operations ManagerData ScientistDirector, Performance ExcellenceProject Engineer 

All the above mentioned opportunities are high paying jobs and pave a great path for professional’s career. Once you get into the real industry practices, sky is the limit for your achievements. The initial stages may require a little more of hard work, but getting accustomed will bring a bunch of merriness to your professional life.

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Six sigma Training and certification in delhi,india

Six sigma Training and certification in delhi,india | six sigma training india |
Six Sigma training scope of marketing strategic focus complete six sigma training program in delhi, india



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LA ISO 9001 Certification, LA ISO 9001 Certification Delhi/Noida/ncr

LA ISO 9001 Certification, LA ISO 9001 Certification Delhi/Noida/ncr | six sigma training india |

Lead Auditor’s Certification is offered to the professionals through a TQNET & TURKAK certification program. It is fully IPC Approved Program. The program is not just internationally approved, but us also known as the most elite training and certification program that is developed for the professionals. The major focus of this program is on teaching the fundamentals of auditing or managing a quality system of management in an organization.


The main objective of this comprehensive course program is giving finest grip to the professionals about the fundamentals of the ISO 9001:2008 Standards along with enabling the practitioners for strategizing & conducting the third party external audits. Specifically, the aim of this training program is to provide par knowledge and technical skills that are required for being a skilled and competent Lead Auditor.


A number of interactive sessions offered through this program, wherein the participants get the chance of sharing the practical experience along with obtaining the hands-on training followed by solving their queries by the experienced guides of the Industry trained Trainers. Now, your question would be who should attend this training program! It involves people who are looking to gain an in-depth knowledge about the QMS Auditing Process. People, who often have to manage an internal QMS Audit within their Organization or Company can also apply for this course.


Those who want to become a certified QMS Lead Auditor can also apply for having excellence in this field. If you are among those, who often need to implement a QMS audit based on ISO 9001:2008 requirements in their organization can also attempt for this course program. Certified QMS internal auditors wishing to enhance and polish their skills of auditing can also apply for this course. This course contents are some that are designed to cover all the major aspects of the QMS Auditing Process with offering an insight over the few below discussed modules. The program includes the introduction as well as a gist of the modules of the program.


Certification Program for becoming a qualified QMS Auditor/Lead Auditor is also included in this program’s contents. The training participants are given in-depth knowledge of the principles of quality management through this course along with providing information on process approach & continual improvement. The course program emphasizes over the overview, concept and the basic requirements of ISO 9001:2008 along with giving an insight over the QMS Auditing and Auditing Principles. Knowledge to prepare an Audit Plan and strategies for implementing while applying the same also comes under this program certification. Professionals are also taught about the tools and techniques that are required for conducting the audits successfully and effectively. Training participants are also inspired to participate in the seminars and meetings for discussions.


They are made known about the practical implications and benefits of this program. The audit process is regularly evaluated. They are made to go through the exhaustive sessions of this program to cover various aspects of the practical implementation of this program. The non-conformities are recorded and reported properly. Management of audit reports, taking necessary corrective actions that are required, regular follow ups of the audits, regular assessment of the performance and rigorous exercises, feedback and interactive sessions of role play, practical assessment and examination followed by a quick re-cap of the complete module are some of further contents of this program for the program attendees.



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six sigma in delhi

six sigma in delhi | six sigma training india |

are many centers that offer Six Sigma training to the individual. Six Sigma Training India in Bangalore and Chandigarh is one of the best options for many individuals. The benefits of Six Sigma certification are numerous. The Six Sigma not only benefits the organization or the company but it also benefits the individual as well.


Originations which have implemented the Six Sigma correctly achieved numerous benefits. The implementation of Six Sigma contributed to the competitive advantage and also helps the company in changing the environment or the culture in the organization. Some of the important benefits or advantages that an organization can be achieved by the implementation of Six Sigma should be understood specifically.


Reduction in process cycle times is one of the biggest advantage or benefit of this certification. Offers world class standard is another plus point of this certification. Improved as well as developed quality of production as well as services as demanded by the customer, both internally as well as externally. The culture of common language throughout the organization is another benefit or advantage of this certification. Bottom line cost saving is also another and the most important benefit of this certification.


This certification also contributes a lot in the development of the skill of the staff. This certification also improves the self confidence and the morale of the employees, which in turn results in quality goods and services and thus also helps in increasing profit or turnover of the organization. So, these are some of the benefits or the advantages that an organization can enjoy just by implementing Six Sigma correctly in an organization.


Apart from organizational benefits, Six Sigma Training India has also benefitted the individual as well. Key benefits that an individual enjoys form this certification should also be specifically understood. The very first benefit of this certification is that it improves the level of the knowledge as well as skills of an individual. Knowledge and good skill is must for success and this certification helps in improving the both. Sound knowledge and good skills always helps the individual in accomplishing the goals set by an individual in the career.


This certification develops the ability among the individual to use and to handle a wide range of tools as well as techniques. As we know, Six Sigma is a set of techniques and methods that is widely used by almost all the organization these days for the improvement in the quality of goods and services. So, the training of Six Sigma makes the individual competent enough to handle or to use all the tools and techniques in an efficient and effective way. Better handling of tools and techniques makes the system defect free and results in better turnover and more profit. So, this is another benefit or advantage of this certification. A worldwide status or recognition is another key benefit or advantage of Six Sigma. Six Sigma training in Bangalore, Chandigarh helps the organization as well as individual in achieving all their goals and get more us.
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six sigma training in delhi

six sigma training in delhi | six sigma training india |

There are several ways of identifying a six sigma project. Six Sigma Training in Delhi by Advance Innovation Group, helps you understand several such ways, few of them are mentioned below-


VOC – Voice of Customer

Something we should know about voice of customer like customer complaints. Voice are gathered of customer interaction will always be one of the most critical things to start the project. Customers are free for choices, our competitors are not sleeping. Its imperative to understand that what customer desire is, listing to customer complaints, will be helping business processes improve such complaints. On the positive side may be customer suggestion handling will be a great thing. If you are unable to adhere to the customer promised SLAs that is great VOC.


VOP/VOB – Voice of Process or Voice of Business – Something not as per organization report. My margins are being impacted, my revenue is not as per decided, I am being hit on attrition. To meet customer needs you have designed some internal processes, you are being hit by answer rate and the reason you are being hit by answer rate because you have some basic unscheduled leaves (Voice of Process). Revenue numbers – Absentism, attrition, ramp-up time, operations, road balancing, process, reducing bottle-neck removal, repeated error, excessive rework, efficiency in productivity, cycle time reduction etc.


VOIE – Voice of Internal Employees – You are talking to your employees and they are dissatisfied extra, could be one matrix to start 6 sigma project.

COPQ – Cost of poor quality – This is all about profit, cost of poor quality in terms of rework, rejection, loss of branding, loss of repeat business.

FTR/FTY – First Time Right or First Time Yield – Every single task should be first time right. First time yield percentages may be one of the most preliminaries to start a six sigma project.

RTY – Rolled Throughput Yield – If you understand a business process as a system, there are several processes that are being performed to get final output. Fox example “Recruitment”. Recruitment is not a process, it is a system and it constitutes of several processes like “Recruiting process, screening process, interview process, finalization process and joining process. First time right of each of these processes


RTY is nothing but talking about several processes. Lets say a simple AIG joining processes. I have about 1000 people who visited my websites, Out of 1000 people who visited our websites only 100 people enquired about our product, out of 100 enquired about my product only 60 visited my center. Out of 60 visited my center only 40 showed interest in joining. Out of 40 who showed interested 38 joined in. So if you look at these individual business processes, and want to calculate “First time Right scores”. So the FTR scores would be 100/1000, so my yield is about 10%. Yield here is 60/100, yield here is 40/60, yield here is 38/40. If I were to multiply all of them it becomes my RTY. So my RTY

RTY = 100/1000 * 60/100 * 40/60 * 38/40 = 38/100. My current RTY is 38/100. Out of 1000 opportunities. Best RTY is 1. Out of 1000 you should meet 1000 target.


OTD – On Time Delivery – One of the most critical things that we always should pursue to satisfy customers.

RR – Return Rate – Whatever investment you have done you always want to get something out of it.


N.P.R. – Number of Problem Reports.

Thus Six Sigma Training in Delhi by Advance Innovation Group will help in understanding and applying these ways in identification of an improvement project.





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Six Sigma black belt Noida helping companies achieve perfection

Six Sigma black belt Noida helping companies achieve perfection | six sigma training india |

The Six Sigma technology teamed up with Lean has been able to make programming almost foolproof. India is one of the developing countries that is surprising the world with its advance in this innovative technology. There are a number of entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have emerged as successful Six Sigma black belt Noida and whole of Delhi, the capital cherish having. With these super-experienced people it is hard to expect a single mistake in the processes from the companies these people belong to.


The various levels of training with different belt titles as in karate has helped people get familiar with the idea of this technology as just a training program and also encourages the students of this program to keep thriving for greater heights in their skill regarding this technology. Before the introduction of this process, every program used to take much longer and require frequent reassembling of the hardware and obvious redesigning of software in order to get where the company intended to. The Advance Innovation Group encouraged the developing countries to try this process in order to increase the efficiency of every program. Accomplished holders of Six Sigma black belt Noida are helping the country flourish by ensuring the elimination of major flaws in the system while there is time.


The creator of this technology is originally Motorola. The company launched the Six Sigma methodology back in 1986 and today it is being applied in various fields of computing and not just mobile phones and gadgets. The initiative of using this methodology in alternative business strategies was taken by Jack Welch, who was the chairman of General Electric throughout a twenty years long period of 1981 to 2001. With the introduction of this technology at the General Electric in the year 1995, thousands of companies all over the world started adopting this technology to improve the performance of their products and their overall customer service.


As already discussed, the gradation of the training of the technology helps improve the quality of training as well as increase the enthusiasm of the learners and also provide a parameter to gauge the efficiency of individuals in the program. Various companies are more interested in the Six Sigma grades and level of their employees instead of the number of hours of experience they have otherwise. Even in a country like India where students are tested more on their memory rather on skill and understanding, the ambitious companies are making no mistake in giving the achievers of Six Sigma black belt Noida and Delhi the recognition they deserve. The most sought after belts involved in the training are as follows:

Black beltGreen beltYellow beltChampion


Despite the criticisms regarding the originality of the technology, it is doing pretty well in both, developed and developing countries and is responsible for bringing down the worldwide percentage of flawed or defective products by a great margin. Therefore, the training of Six Sigma black belt Noida is being encouraged and spread to other parts of the country where every businessperson can learn it. Despite being labelled as ‘the basic version of quality improvement’, this technology is indeed a milestone in the world of programming.

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ITIL Foundation, certification, training & study material Noida

ITIL Foundation, certification, training & study material Noida | six sigma training india |

ITIL network observance needs ITIL observance tools that scan network operate likewise as application performance and have the flexibility to repeatedly update data during a series of ITIL v3 databases.

Infrastructure Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL certification in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon) guarantees to boost workers productivity, shorten the time required to resolve issues, and a lot of closely align IT operations with business goals. however so as to implement ITIL and build it productive, you want to initial notice the proper ITIL certification in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon observance tools to urge a close, correct understanding of network parts and therefore the knowledge that flows between them.


Most observance tools depend upon mapping tools to assemble data concerning network devices and links; then they live and show the mixture usage levels of every link and device. However observance tools designed to support ITIL transcend combination output measurements to show network usage levels and end-user visible performance for every application.


That means ITIL observance tools would conjointly work on Layer seven and supply data on however long it takes for users to urge a response when hit "Enter." These tools live the time it takes knowledge to transit the network, however long it takes for the appliance to method the input, then however long it takes for the response to transit the network on the method back to the top user. That way, as an example, if a user need to get a response in one second however should wait ten seconds, the networking team will tell whether or not the matter is with the network or the appliance itself.


ITIL observance tools area unit offered by a bunch of vendors, together with CA Technologies, EMC and HP, likewise as smaller vendors like Infoblox and Ipswitch.


ITIL observance tools: What to think about once shopping for

1. Perceive however ITIL tools interface before creating your choice. Interfaces should exist among the desired ITIL databases. As an example, observance tools update the performance-specific info throughout the day to record data concerning ever-changing network usage levels. An interface should exist to the network configuration info to tell observance tools if a tool or link is reconfigured or fails.

Compatibility mustn't be a problem once getting a full set of tools from one trafficker however will be a problem once integration tools from multiple vendors. To deal with the compatibility question, some vendors have created supported interfaces to wide used merchandise from different vendors or superimposed open apis to their merchandise.


2. Choose ITIL tools that change you to zero in on what's inflicting performance slowdowns. Reacting to slow performance during a very important application needs speedy determination of the cause. cheap observance tools could show all of the activity within the network however build it troublesome to specialise in the crucial flows. Since there's such a lot happening within the network, it will be troublesome to urge all the extraneous data off the screen to specialise in your specific wants. Tools should have the flexibility to be tailored to observe crucial applications.


3. Choose an ITIL observance tool that may live the length of individual transactions. Output rates area unit vital, however finish users care however long the dealings takes when hit "Enter." If dealings times area unit acceptable for key applications, there's no need to stress concerning the underlying dealings details.

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Six Sigma Black Belt Training, certification Noida,Delhi| Gurgaon

Six Sigma Black Belt Training, certification Noida,Delhi| Gurgaon | six sigma training india |

Education could be a key element of your Six Sigma initiative. Below could be a recommendation of what ought to be enclosed in your coaching, whether or not conducted in-house or by a third-party authority.  Numerous corporations report annual savings have documented annual savings from Lean Six Sigma initiatives that vary from $2,000 to $250,000 (and higher) per improvement, and people figures don’t embody the additional price of exaggerated sales, increased name and swollen client goodwill. The U.S. Army reports that its Lean Six Sigma initiatives have resulted in savings approaching $2 billion.


But saving cash isn’t the sole profit, in keeping with a recent article in Reliable Plant Magazine from prophet timber, a Lean Six Sigma black belt and chief operations officer for great Systems. corporations implementing Lean Six Sigma additionally see exaggerated work productivity and morale, the power to regulate to sudden changes within the business or economic climate, higher innovation and standards-driven action, and bigger client satisfaction.


However, timber wrote, corporations usually be amiss the character of Lean Six Sigma. Saving cash should not be the sole reason an organization would adopt this approach. Further, while not one hundred pc buy-in from senior management and also the willing of the corporate to take a position acceptable resource for the initiative, they’re not going to succeed with it. They need to be willing to commit time and to figure as a team, he stated. And also the team should be able to perform the initiatives while not constant analysis or approval.


If, however, an organization is in a position to with success implement Lean Six Sigma initiatives, the advantages is also seen not solely with the particular project however throughout the whole organization, timber wrote. Once Lean Six Sigma’s principles ar allowed to permeate each facet of the business, happy customers and happy staff are the result.

The belt nomenclature typically has 2 definitions in current practice:

1. It represents a depth of information.

2. It represents the quantity of your time that an edge is functioning on Continuous Improvement activities.   Most corporations use the Black Belt designation for somebody who's description is full-time  functioning on continuous improvement, whereas a inexperienced Belt is somebody that has another job operate, however still expected to pay a number of their time at work on continuous improvement comes.

As you'll be able to see, these 2 definitions might have some overlap, however don't seem to be whole joined.  If you examine someone's profile or expertise certify you perceive that of the higher than 2 definitions they mean.


I have seen variety of corporations who have employed "Black Belts Six Sigma in Noida, Gurgaon" from alternative corporations who expect they need the specified depth of information however notice their expertise is definition number two.

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Online Six Sigma Training India: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program in Delhi:

Online Six Sigma Training India: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Program in Delhi: | six sigma training india |

The two major improvement/ change management tools this century has observed are Lean and Six Sigma. Lean and six sigma training India have their individual exclusive power; Lean has the authority of eradicating desecrate across every value stream at the same time as Six Sigma has the influence of variation diminution. While Six Sigma accomplishes point optimization by eradicating flaws from any procedure, Lean pays attention on holistic optimization resulting in profitability enhancements. By uniting the authority of six sigma and lean, the students can accomplish far attaining advance results.

When Lean and Six Sigma training India are merged collectively in a flawless fashion, utilizing the influential DMAIC Method as the on the whole course configuration, the result is Lean Six Sigma training India.


The organization that utilize Lean Six Sigma to attain broad based enhancement and advanced Financial arrangement have quite a few distinctive features of their approaches that put them distant from those with a conventional functioning enhancement state of mind. Lean Six Sigma has, above the precedent decade or so, approaches to be established as the trade benchmark for profitability improvement and operational excellence. Results such as increased customer satisfaction, reduced defects, and reduced waste (also known as ‘Muda’ in Lean lexicon) can all be effectively achieved through this approach.

The methodology focuses on areas that have the greatest strategic leverage for the company, and creates lasting impact through the wide spread involvement of staff at all levels in the change initiative.


Important companies all over the globe are utilizing Lean Six Sigma to impel brilliance in the entire areas of their trade, together with supply chain, manufacturing, IT, HR, Customer Service and Finance.

Lean Six Sigma Training can be differentiated in the subsequent ways:

• Unanimously applicable for service and manufacturing industries.

• Use of practical feature-rich reasonable software for statistical and graphical analysis.


• Introduction of influential procedure replication, Value Stream Mapping and activity-based estimate software for procedure optimization

• Revelation of method for utilizing DMAIC in an implied manner, which can be skilled in a day and spinned out to all workforces.

• Approving MBB support for project implementation


About the Green Belt Course

The phrase Green Belts is taken from martial arts. Green Belts consign to a person who has mastered the fundamental dexterity of problem resolving.


Green Belts are the “working class” in every Six Sigma scheme. They can perform a large amount of the groundwork; from assembling data to implementing experiments in sustainance of Black Belt projects. They also most of the times autonomously distribute diminutive to intermediate scale upgrading projects. Green Belts must display speciality in the core statistical equipment by pertaining them for optimistic customer benefits and its financial impact. They function under the guidance and supervision of a Master Black Belt or Black Belt in any business, the figure of greenbelts classically surpasses the number of Black Belts by at least a ratio of 5:1.


Course Suitability

The course can be pursued by:

Improvement Leaders from BPOs/KPOsAssistant ManagersManagersTeam LeadersEngineersBusiness LeadersQuality Assurance ManagersR&D scientistsBusiness Excellence Leaders
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Lead Auditor ISO 27001 Certification & Training in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon

Lead Auditor ISO 27001 Certification & Training in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon | six sigma training india |

Advanced Innovative Group offers the Lead Auditor ISO 27001 Certification Program to the professionals to get an edge over the growing competition and earning expected level of growth. The program has been formulated for developing the skills and expertise of the professionals so that they can efficiently manage as well as audit the Information Security Management Systems. It is a specialized training course program that not only holds international recognition, but is also IPC approved and TURKAK & TQNET certified. The program is offered with the state of the art methodologies and techniques and it holds an unmatched value in the Corporate & IT Sector.


This course program is developed involving all the technical aspects and the Advanced Innovation Group has taken all the considerations for making this program most interactive and easy to learn for the practitioners. Though, this program includes a number of interactive training sessions and lessons are imparted through different classes to resolve the queries and questions of the participants along with letting them share their industrial and practical experience with their peers. Special emphasis in the course is also given to the learning aspect of all the course modules. This course more specifically includes a series of engaging sessions and the major objective of this program is to enhance the skills of the participants.


The course can importantly be attended by the people who wish for attaining an in-depth knowledge of the ISMS auditing methodology/process. People who often have to manage the internal ISMS audit within their organization or company and those who wish to master the art of installing robust Information Security Management Systems at different organizations can apply for this course program. If you have to manage the internal ISMS audit within your organization or firm, them it will be a great opportunity for you to go through this course. Advanced Innovative Group strives to become a recognized as well as certified ISMS Lead Auditor. Moreover, people wishing to master the art of installing robust systems of information security management at different organizations can also go through this course program.


Lead Auditor ISO 27001 certification course program is a specialized training and certification program offered to the professionals that focuses on covering all the major aspects of the ISMS training. The emphasis is given right from looking on the information security for maintaining and managing an ISMS Audit team at an organization.

Specifically, the course program includes an introduction program where the professionals have a quick go through the basics of information security. The other course contents include the information about the relevant standers, details and importance about the information security, analysing as well as battling with the security threats, calculation and management of the potential information security risks, selection of proper security control systems and framing of robust information security management system.


You will get to know about the measures to audit the ISMS effectively through this course program. Your in depth knowledge on auditing methodologies will increase and your audit team will maintain and manage their audits efficiently. Meanwhile, this program also includes imparting training to the participants about interviewing skills, preparation of audit reports and a hands-on practical session conducted through the examination and exercise.



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advance innovation group Noida, Delhi -India offers lean training courses

advance innovation group Noida, Delhi -India offers lean training courses | six sigma training india |

If your business is not giving you expected returns, it is the best effort to turn towards trying lean six sigma training. It is an effective step to be taken as a method to improve your management. It is a result oriented method and is attained usually by the usage of the last word software. Ultimately, it allows gaining a significant doorstep towards success to the user of this technique. This technique is generally offered to the companies that are struggling with heavy financial losses and shortage of resources. Constantly increasing their costs of business bring them to have potential losses. The lean six sigma methods make your business taste the fruit of success and you will definitely observe the positive changes in the nearest future.


However, it is a general concept that most of the managers fail to evaluate obvious advantages till they have gone through the lean six sigma training. Hence, this article is drafted with the intention of acquainting all with the benefits and shining viewpoint of the six sigma training program to help your business in achieving success.

Lean Six Sigma Training Noida program helps you in reducing your professional flaws that may sometimes appear and therefore, it further encourages you to get an increased amount of new customers along with meeting their basic needs in terms of cost and quality correlation.


The course program lets you find out the particular information to learn about the causes of defects in the product quality and furthermore correcting them completely in the company. Besides, you will be able to speed up the goods production process, minimize the delays with malfunctions along with saving time for your other business activities after getting engaged to this kind of training program. People will hardly take more than a few days to achieve all these measures. Hence, the six sigma and lean six sigma will significantly impact the development of the company especially increasing the income of the company by means of an effective management through professional staff enrolling into Lean Six Sigma Training.


You will come to know that Lean Six Sigma Training Noida will prove to be an indispensable experience for the employees that influence the position of your company in the market. The usage of six sigma system helps your firm to produce good results in a small time span only. You will certainly notice positive changes, not just the next day but after few months. You are wrong if you think that it can be complicated. The program is extremely simple to be utilized for the people who wish to achieve their targeted business. Moreover, you will need the Team Sigma instruments for the easy usage of Six Sigma and on its basis you will be able to analyze a situation. If you will make a right choice, it will have a positive effect on your business.


The six sigma training providers bring an enterprise version of its products that may be taught in the entire organization structure. You should not be confused by the price of enterprise system as a volume of net income it brings is really worth of it. You should also not to be worried as Lean Six Sigma training will provide you all the necessary information that you need for putting forth a new system along with being associated with the latest information about the Lean Six Sigma.


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Six sigma Training and certification in delhi,india

Six sigma Training and certification in delhi,india | six sigma training india |

Whenever we are working on continuous data there are some basic steps that we need to follow. Six Sigma training in Delhi by Advance Innovation Group will help you understand them. These basic steps are called “Basic Data Analysis”. These basic steps are:


The very first thing we need to check is whether our data or process is stable or not. So to check whether our data or process is stable or not we use “Run Chart”


                Stat – Quality Tools – Run Chart

                In “Single Column” column select your problem Y (AHT)

                In “Subgroup Size” column put (1) because you have single subgroup (AHT)

                In “Data in Subgroups” option select “Plot Subgroup Mean” if data is normal, “Plot Subgroup Median” if data is non-  normal.


Second thing we need to check is normality. So to check whether our process or data is normal or not we conduct “Normality Test”.


                To conduct Normality Test we go to:

                Stat – Basic Statistics – Normality Test – OK

                In “Variable” option we select our problem Y

                In “Test for Normality” option we have 3 options – Anderson, Ryan and Kolmogorov.



Third thing we need to check is whether we are concern about the centering issue of the process or variation issue of the process or we are concern about both centering and variation both.


                Centering & Variation Test

                We conduct centering and variation test to check whether we have centering issue of the process or we have variation               issue of the process or with both.


                Centering: We use mean as a measure of central tendency when our data is normal and we use median as a measure               of central tendency when our data is non-normal


                Variation: We generally use range, Quartile, IQ Range and Standard Deviation to check variation issue of the process.                 We use range to check the maximum variation in the process. We use Quartile to check variation in each quarter. We        use IQ Range when we want to check variation in middle 50% of the data. And we use Standard Deviation to check the             overall variation of the process. So Navigation path is:

                Stat – Basic Stat – Graphical Summary




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Professional Certification in Six Sigma Black Belt Noida

Professional Certification in Six Sigma Black Belt Noida | six sigma training india |

A large number of industries of the world have used the Six Sigma Courses to their benefit and thereby are known to have considerably enhanced the life of the business they own.  Any type of business which is in need to improve the quality control and the business processes, which happens, virtually to be every business, will certainly be interested with candidates who have got proper and valid certification with the six sigma black belt Noida.


People who are trained with the Sigma Six certificates and are certified, will be able to improve the business proceedings of the firm and are competent and qualified enough to improve the business process of the firm by means of reduction of the wasteful action, which means that the firm will be capable to increase the sales, the output and the level of satisfaction to the customer which eventually means that it will enhance the bottom line.  All the reduction in the waste can be viewed as the business streamlining. The wasteful actions which can be curbed at any level means that the cost of the business operations is reduced considerably which will eventually show its marks on the profit levels of the firm. Both the small sized businesses as well as the large ones are certain to be interested in the streamlining of the business with the turbulent economy of today.There is not a single sector in the industry which will not benefit through the particular certification.

The six sigma black belt Noida can be obtained through numerous ways. It can be obtained online or easily in the traditional way. The professionals who have acquired this certificate already can help you with the process or you can always apply for the online product. Either of these methods has got their own benefits or shortcomings. If you opt for an expert who is working with the Sigma Six then you can get your queries answered straightway and you will able to get your hands on training. But the latter can turn out to be an expensive thing but believe me its worth the investment that you will be making. Certainly, the online Sigma Six training can turn out be just the thing that you need and you easily can obtain the certificate over the net. The benefit of the online courses is that it permits you to work at the pace that you see befitting and is usually cost efficient than working it via the hands on course. Most of the online training providers are known to hold the Master Black Belts at staff and are proficient and professional enough to handle any sort of the queries that the student might have.


Irrespective of what the firm chooses, whether it’s the enrolling of the employees online or on site Sigma Six Training, the result will certainly be the same- able and confident employees who will utilize their knowledge for the betterment of the firm thereby increasing the bottom line and the profits of the firm. It is a beneficial thing not just for the employees but for the firms also.

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Lead Auditor ISO 27001 Certification In Delhi- How And Why To Get It

Lead Auditor ISO 27001 Certification In Delhi- How And Why To Get It | six sigma training india |

One might think that why should one take up the whole long process of a Lead Auditor ISO 27001 Certification in Delhi when government regulations or other codes do not require to be accredited by such a high certification. Well the governments might not require it but to conduct a certain standard of work which would help in the supporting of marketing goals and other associated business goals. Since now a day’s buyers are becoming more and more aware of the necessity and importance of the ISO 27001 certification and the method of its accreditation scheme, they are making this certification a pre requisition in the documents for procurement of specified services.


These requirement specifications of the buyer are not necessarily and only in accordance to the scope of the standards of the certifications but also by the assurance level they require for the job to be done. Thus with the maturity of the buyer and their understanding of the quality of the services that they are looking for, they understand that a certain standardization can be expected from a ISO 27001 accredited lead auditor. The organizations and companies who provide such services also understand this and therefore in their need to improve their ISMS quality to the try to keep such a certification to attract their clients.


Requirements to get this certification


To attain the certification one has to go through many stages, mostly comprising of three specific stages of being the provisional internal ISMS auditor, the ISMS auditor and ultimately the lead auditor with the ISO 27001 certification. Each level has a different requirement which does not confine itself to learning modules with examinations but these also require various stages of work experience in the specified field and otherwise.


Requirement for provisional ISMS auditor


All auditors require a basic education and so does the provisional ISMS auditoria basic education refers to a secondary education. It does not end there, as it also requires one to either finish or nearly finish an undergraduate degree of four years or an equivalent job experience which should ideally be of five years. This suffice their basic studying while they are required to study and complete the information security foundation course and also the ISMS auditing course for this is what gives them the actual knowledge about their subject and chosen profession. They would also necessarily require having one year of job experience in information systems. Without these one cannot rise to this level.


Requirements for ISMS auditor


This is the second stage in the process of acquiring the certification but it is not much tougher than that of the first stage but rather it needs an extra year of work experience in the particular filed along with the requirements of that of the provisional ISMS auditor. Though these auditors are not experienced or qualified enough to lead any audits.


Requirements for lead auditor ISO 27001 certification


This is the third and the final stage of acquiring the accreditation. They too need all the qualifications of the ISMS auditors but their position is higher for they have to also complete the specific courses and also complete three years of work experience in information system, which is one more year than that of the ISMS auditor. They would have had to complete seven or more audits as well as lead a few among them. After all these are done only then can one acquire the Lead Auditor ISO 27001 Certification in Delhi.


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