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Are you looking to run your own business network? Most service and business professionals already know that referrals and past customers account for as much as 70-80% of service transactions. But, what is the easiest way to meet new people, and develop these relationships? It begins by giving.


There is a big difference between meeting someone and saying,

"Hi I'm John and I sell websites do you need one?" (If you look carefully, you will see a panic set in the other person's eyes as they are trying to find an excuse to run and get away from you).


Now compare that to meeting someone and saying,

"Hi I'm John and I run the Whittier Business Network, we are a FREE business network here with over 300 businesses all referring each other. Would it be OK if our members refer clients needing electrical work to you? fact, just by adding your business online, you get a free web page that can rank on top of search engines in as little as 1-2 weeks." (I think you will agree the reaction will be different).


After having (1) revealed to the client your prestigious position, (2) offered them something for free to assist them generate clients and referal partners online and offline, then, (3) you can introduce your other services and other ways you can help them for a fee.


If this is an approach you agree will not only be much more effective in growing your business, but a whole lot more fun, we recommend you research and the opportunity of becoming a City Business Network Leader. It is limited to only 1 person per area, and allows you to:


Great Visibility and Recognition - be the "go-to" person in your areaGet paid while growing your business through referralsConcierge Service - we manage everything for youPromote your Business(s) - for everyone to seeGenerate Hundreds of Local Referral Partners by giving SmartGuy's service away for FREEGenerate Revenue by holding local events, charge others to attend or sponsors to speak, or adding links from your business network to their website. is one of the fastest growing FREE business networks in the USA and growing worldwide. Already in over 500 cities in the US, you can ADD YOUR BUSINESS FOR FREE and you will automatically be listed in their directory, all business networks near you, and get a FREE webpage that can rank on top of major search engines like Google in as little as 2-3 weeks - again all for FREE.