Rules that each girl should follow when dating
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Rules that each girl should follow when dating
Being single has its perks; you are all eyes for a handsome face and attractive demeanor. Someone approaches you on the social dating sites, you accept the invite you don’t have the guilty thought hovering over your head that you are doing the wrong thing because you still have not found the one. People who have been searching for the right partner on the online dating sites, bars or through friends know that at one point or the other in life, we may like to settle down and in heart everyone pines for that “better half”. You wait, wait and wait for that special someone to sweep you off your feet and start the beginning to a happy ever after. Whenever I rue about the lack of my dating skills, not managing to have a boyfriend or fiancée to my sister, all my arguments fell flat. In my sister’s words (who is happily engaged to the man of her dreams), no matter how forward looking we become, there are still a few dating tips that should be followed blindly without any questions asked whatsoever Here are a few dating tips that my sister shared with me and said pointing in my nose that no girl should ever forget. Telling him you are not co-dependent, ambitious, career, successful blah blah- Before you take me or her as stereotyping women, understand this. What if you are on a date with a guy and he blurts that he takes women only for physical pleasure and he is not sure about the commitment anytime in say, coming 2-3 years or that he needs more time to see the world, settle in his career, house mortgage and all! Exactly that’s how we make the other person feel when we tell them that we can be on our own, very well. Do not linger, but neither you have to display an attitude that sends a message-I couldn’t care any less! Whatever! Be comfortable in your skin, the key to confidence and to seduction-No one expects you to be that scrape off from the hoarding. Whole world knows a simple tool called- Photoshop and guys know it too. Those who expect such from you, have a twisted version in their mind which no girl can fulfill and therefore step back. And that, who looks at you and finds you charming, is someone really worth holding on to. (P.S Each guy is not a copy of Tom Cruise or Ryan Reynolds, so keep a reality check on you too!) Leave something to imagination: Baring it all on a date helps you to the level of- Bottom! No matter in which century or which country you are in, there is still a long way to go for the plunging necklines or a thigh high slit or a combination of both on the infamous first date. No matter how attracted you feel to this person in lieu of making things better you may mess it up in the very beginning. Men still love when a woman who is wrapped in layers (of clothes or mystery). Step back, so that he can take a step ahead: We are strong independent women. We know how to take control and exercise control. Does that make you a control freak?? Yes! Most of the times. You are so busy in planning things your way that the other person may feel really intimidated by you. Relax, sit back and bask in the glory of pursuit. Step back and observe rather than making efforts in impressing him. Online dating sites have made it way easier for the singles who could for find their perfect match in their circle. The social dating sites give you a lot of good options, however to keep that special someone with you takes a lot of effort. These dating tips can help you in achieving higher success rates in dating game.
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