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Postal prices to rise with independence? : Opus Trust Marketing

Postal prices to rise with independence? : Opus Trust Marketing | Royal Mail |

Could Scottish independence be costly for the postal service?

With possible Scottish independence just around the corner, ministers have warned that the postal service will suffer for those in rural areas or become excessively more expensive.

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First with Royal Mail Mailmark : Opus Trust Marketing

First with Royal Mail Mailmark : Opus Trust Marketing | Royal Mail |

Opus Trust Marketing - First Past the Post with Royal Mail Mailmark™

What is Mailmark™?

Mailmark is a 2D barcode that will allow Royal Mail to track and count every Mailmark mail piece in their system and report on it back to their customers; enhancing visibility, inspiring trust, maximising efficiencies and leading to a better understanding of your customers.

Frequently Asked Mailmark™ questions: 

Q. How invested is Royal Mail in Mailmark™?

A. Royal Mail have boldly invested £70 million into this new innovation, with most of the money going towards automated reporting, proving post is alive and well. Mailmark is one of Royal Mail's biggest ever investments, paving the way for Royal Mail's transformative business agenda.

Q. Which products can I use with Mailmark™?

A. The following products can be used with Mailmark™: Business Mail, Advertising Mail and Publishing Mail.

Q. What technichal changes will I need to make for Mailmark™?

A. We can advise you at every stage of the process to ensure you get the most from Mailmark™, helping you create bespoke Mailmark™ reporting and emanifests. 

Opus Trust Marketing became the very first early adopter to print and process documents using Royal Mail's new Mailmark™ innovation, as the first communications with this new technology left our site on Wednesday 12th February with members of the Royal Mail marketing team.

Opus Trust Post Product Manager Darren McDonnell left our building at 3pm, battled through the storms and 100mph winds in order to track the progress of the very first Mailmark™ delivery.

Their journey took them from Leicester via the Royal Mail national distribution centre in Daventry all the way to a door step in Romford for delivery the following morning.

This was important for us and Royal Mail and Darren with his in depth postal knowledge and experience of the process was trusted to accompany the delivery to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Mailmark™ will benefit our customers, by providing visibility of statistics for all mail consignments using the Mailmark™ service after they have left our building.

Mailmark™ will watch and track the movement of every communication we send across the country, providing our customers with the comfort and confidence that their communications are being well looked after throughout the delivery process. 
Here are the steps taken along the first MailmarkTM delivery:

• E-manifest sent to Royal Mail

• More than 124,000 mail packs produced and printed at Opus Trust Leicester

• The mail is loaded onto a Royal Mail lorry to begin its onward journey

• Mail piece checked and manually processed at the Royal Mail Distribution Centre in Daventry

• The work then gets split into trays and sent to all corners of the UK, we followed the trays to the Romford Mail Centre. This is where the mail is processed as the intelligent barcode is read and data identified as read and ticked off the manifest

• The communications are then walk sequenced at the Romford delivery office, event recorded against the manifest and bagged ready for delivery.

• The postman delivers the Mailmark™ coded post and the journey is complete.

Paul Brough, Opus Trust Marketing's Managing Director said: "We have invested a considerable amount of time and resources in MailmarkTM and its previous pilots and trials over the last 6 years. I am very proud of our team's achievement in producing the first ever MailmarkTM mailing and we look forward to rolling it out to our customers over the coming months".

Look out for further updates on the Trust Post Blog

Any questions in regards to Mailmark™ please get in touch

Click here for further information in regards to our other services

Further industry news can be found within our latest news section

This is what Royal Mail had to say about our involvement in Mailmark™ "The following companies have joined us on the Mailmark™ journey and have contributed their hard work, skills and expertise to complete a Mailmark™ mailing"

For more information with our collaboration with Royal Mail

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Royal Mail Mailmark Roundtable : Opus Trust Marketing

Royal Mail Mailmark Roundtable : Opus Trust Marketing | Royal Mail |

Opus Trust Marketing held a roundtable discussion with key decision makers from blue chip companies such as Severn Trent Water, npower, Northumbrian Water, Equiniti and St Ives. 

The aim of the discussion was to explore the unique benefits and practical application of Royal Mail Mailmark®, a new innovation which increases the value of mail to businesses by providing them with the ability to track bulk mail consignments through to the delivery round. 
The discussion centred on the practical application of Mailmark as well as potential future development opportunities.

Stephen Agar, Managing Director, Consumer & Network Access for Royal Mail advised that as a business Royal Mail have invested over £70 million in the technology in the absolute belief that mail as a communications channel still has plenty of scope and potential. He shared recent research which showed that people still hold physical mail in high regard and that this value is amplified when used in conjunction with digital communications. He also shared research showing that various social groups still depend heavily upon paper communications either through choice, lack of internet access or limited online skills.

Charles Neilson, Head of Business Development, Consumer & Network Access at Royal Mail assured those in attendance that Mailmark is very much a customer centric innovation with transparency and visibility at its core.

Business customers that use a Mailmark barcode will receive online reports which show to the day when customers' statements and business mail is delivered, enabling them to improve their efficiency and customer service by staffing stores and call centres based on the exact date customers receive statements or business mail. It will also enable them to more accurately link associated communications activities such as follow up contact, with delivery of their mail. Mailmark also brings an opportunity to show an audit trail for critical communications such as legal letters, final notices or electoral communications.
In depth metrics and reporting will highlight any weaknesses within the mail process which will allow for improvements and cost savings as a result.

In between the vast amounts of coffee and sandwiches consumed we had a quick word with those in attendance to glean their thoughts on the day:

John Coombes from Equiniti "I found the session interesting and came away feeling the day was of value"

Ben Shaw from Severn Trent "Thank you for the invite and what I thought was a really useful and enjoyable session"

Angus Campbell from St Ives "A fascinating and very frank discussion on how we can use mail to improve what we do for customers"

Paul Brough, Managing Director of Opus Trust Marketing had this to say "We put together this unique event to give the opportunity for our customers and senior Royal Mail employees to have an in depth discussion about this new innovation and the benefits that it will bring to their sectors. We are delighted to hear that all attendees including Royal Mail found the session to be useful in understanding the future direction and offer potential uses of Mailmark".


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