The Leading Electrical Slip Ring Manufacturer | AOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED | aood tech | Slip ring is a transfer media that allows the transmission of power and signals from a stationary part to a rotating part, also called slip ring assembly, electrical slip ring, slip ring brushes or slip ring connector. AOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED as one of the best slip ring manufacturers in the world, started in slip rings field since 2000. AOOD expands the sliding contact technology to meet the demanding needs for a wide range of uses.

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Web: www.aoodtech.comAOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is the world's technological leader of slip rings. After 13 years persistent innovation and practical cooperation experience in a wide range of fields, AOOD developed diversified sliding contacting transmission solutions and these high performance slip ring solutions play a significant role in security, industrial, medical, agricultural, heavy-duty machinery, marine , energy, military & defense markets.