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Scooped by Aman Kumar!

World's TOP Augmented Reality Game App WWW.RONRIK.COM

World's TOP Augmented Reality Game App WWW.RONRIK.COM | RonRik Social Reality Game |

We are happy to announce that now we are ready to make a pre-sign up on the world's top augmented reality game RonRik with my partners Klaus Riskær Pedersen and Torben Majgaard. Head over to and sign up in order to play our cool game. Please spread the word and find us on the social media.


Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer que maintenant, nous sommes prêts à faire une pré-inscrivez-vous sur la plus supérieure réalité augmentée jeu du monde, RonRik avec mes partenaires Klaus Riskær Pedersen et Torben Majgaard. Visitez, inscrivez-vous et jouer notre jeu. Passe le message et retrouvez-nous sur les médias sociaux.


Wir freuen uns zu sagen, dass jetzt sind wir bereit, eine spre-sign up auf der weltweit führenden Augmented-Reality-Spiel RonRik mit meinen Partnern Riskær Klaus Pedersen und Torben Majgaard. Gehen Sie zu und registrieren Sie sich, um unseren coolen Spiel zu spielen. Bitte das Wort zu verbreiten und finden uns auf der Social Media.


Со задоволство Ви соопштуваме дека сме подготвени да започниме со предвремената регистрација за водечката игра во светот на изменетата реалност – RonRik, заедно со моите партнери Klaus Riskær Pedersen и Torben Majgaard. Посетете ја и регистрирајте се за да ја играте нашата игра. Ве молиме следете не’ на социјалните мрежи.


Estamos felices de anunciar que ahora estamos listos para hacer una pre-inscribirse por la major juego del mundo de realidad aumentada - RonRik, con mis socios Klaus Riskær Pedersen y Torben Majgaard. Visitan, registrarse y juega noestro juego. Pasa la voz y encuentran nos en los medios de comunicación social.


S radostí Vám oznamujeme, že jsme nyní připravený na předregistrace na světově nejrozšířenější realitní hru RonRik s mými partnery Klaus Riskær Pederson a Torben Majgaard. Vydejte se na  a zaregistrujte se, aby jste si mohli zahrát naší skvělou hru. Prosím šiřte hru dál a najděte si nás na sociálních síťích.

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Scooped by Aman Kumar!

RonRik- World's Best Augmented Reality Games

RonRik- World's Best Augmented Reality Games | RonRik Social Reality Game |

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Aman Kumar's insight:

RonRik - Turns game into reality


RonRik is a social reality game, yet using your smart phone taking advantage of the traditional gaming elements and social networks by driving people to go out and physically interact with each other in a local environment.


Combining the excitement that comes from playing the game which is both virtual and physical with a new concept of targeted advertising based on geo-locations of different shops and businesses that are located around the players.


RonRik is an action game where players connect with each other through mobile broadband data and play with each other by commuting in the city / area to approach targets and shoot at them using the augmented reality feature and electronic maps. Other locations which can be detected by the GPS are fixed game locations which are virtual safe houses / ammunition shops / medical health …etc. points while in reality they are physical shops that desire to advertise to the players that happen to pass by.


The RonRik app will feature a new technical concept where an interactive augmented reality will be built in so that a smart phone’s camera can be used to place dynamic animations and buttons on it, displaying stationary or moving targets that are detected via GPS and showing them on the camera screen when the camera lens faces the geo-location taking advantage of the mobile compass.


Items like bombs, snipers, geo fences and airstrikes can be placed random where players want to make an ambush.


Players can buy different unique items like bodyguards, SWAT Teams, Mine Sweepers, Defuse Kits, Turrets, Home Protection and Guided missiles.

Some of these will also come as NFC chips in future release.

Players can rob others after killing them, and a player can transfer coins to their virtual credit card at any ATM point in the world.

This will ensure that players only carry the amount of coins they can stand to lose in a battle and they will get used to "use" their virtual credit card.

(Future plan is to implement pre-paid credit card and convert virtual coins into real money)


RonRik will have unique advertising possibilities based on the geo- locations which will give us a clear advantage in reaching the consumers in their local environment. We would be able to track our players’ online behaviour and to target advertising directly to local players in the local environment with local brands and shops they know. Players will have to come physically to the advertising point in order to get their virtual bonus and pop-ups will give players the confirmation of registration to the game point. The pop-ups unique ads will be shown from the advertiser.

We will take advantage of the social networks and implement our unique Social Shout-out feature.  Players will be able to buy a social shout-out on all RonRik and own social platforms that they are connected to and would be able to collect coins for each. This unique feature will bond players and give the game a social status. You would be able to help players no matter where you are situated in the world and even if you are offline or not playing.


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Scooped by Aman Kumar!

Social Augmented Reality Games Apps, Gaming Application, Mobile Augmented Reality Games | RONRIK.COM

Social Augmented Reality Games Apps, Gaming Application, Mobile Augmented Reality Games | RONRIK.COM | RonRik Social Reality Game |
RonRik is the World's Best Augmented Reality Games Apps and Social Gaming Application. We specialize in Mobile Augmented
Reality Games and Social Gaming Apps taking the gaming experience to a whole new level of engagement.
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