Ron has an Idea Worth Spreading at TED | An Idea Worth Spreading at TED |

Astronaut Ron Garan, or @Astro_Ron as he’s known to his twitter friends, did many things during his months in space; tweet, write songs on his guitar, watch the earth transform from day to night 16 times a day. It’s the latter, the Orbital Perspective, which has compelled Ron to unite the world. The Orbital Perspective describes the advantageous view astronauts’ have of the earth from space. Ron used to watch a line slowly move across the earth that defines the difference between day and night, then contemplate the stark differences of activity on either side of that line. Whilst looking at our indescribably beautiful earth Ron couldn’t help think about the unfortunately realities of life on our planet for many of its inhabitants. Ron faced a sobering contradiction when he thought about the people on the planet who don’t have water to drink or food to eat, the poverty and the conflict that exists. Ron questions why, using the same ingenuity displayed when putting man on the moon, we can’t solve many if not all of our planets problems. Ron aims to unify people who believe they have the resources or technology to assist in this important goal. His website uses speed gages to display the shocking statistics; a billion people don’t have access to clean water; 20% of the world’s population own over 80% of the world’s wealth. Sadly our world’s population can’t watch the earth from space and feel the empathy and connection Ron did, but we can watch his Unity Node video, check it out.