Bucharest, March 7, 2014 dotNear, a Romanian provider of software development services, announced today that it would help Ukrainian software companies and their customers with project continuity support, given the unstable political and military climate in Ukraine. dotNear offered to help Ukrainian nearshore development centers with office space and connectivity in neighbouring Romania, as well as with technical people as required, to ensure that projects are not impacted by the military turmoil and possible draft of the Ukrainian army against Russian aggression.

Romania is known to be a pillar of stability in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a member of NATO, has been at peace for the last 25 years and saw the highest economic growth among all EU member states in 2013. This 20-million East-European country is widely regarded as having an excellent education system for computer science and mathematics and has the highest penetration of the English language with people under 45 among Central and East European countries.

"Many companies in Western Europe are starting to feel nervous about their business in the former Soviet space, in Russia for moral and corporate responsibility reasons, and in the Ukraine for the risk of business interruption if war breaks out. We want to help our Ukrainian colleagues keep their projects running regardless of military escalations, and we are sure that many other Romanian companies are ready to do the same.", said Mihai Popa, Managing Director of dotNear.

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