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Rockland Hospital Dwarka Inauguration

Rockland Hospital - rated as India's No 1 pvt hospital by India Today.
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How Smartphones Are Trying to Replace Your Doctor (But Can't Yet)

How Smartphones Are Trying to Replace Your Doctor (But Can't Yet) | Rockland Hospitals |

For most of time medicine was a guessing game. Doctors, or witch doctors, or shaman would inspect a patient, stir a potion and hope it would work. With some notable exceptions, modern medicine isn't so different. The data collection—blood pressure, heart rate, weight, reflexes—is largely rudimentary. We're getting by, but technology can take us so much further.


Even technology that fits in your pocket.


In the past year or two (or three) iPhones and iPads have been a fixture in doctors' offices around the world. Why carry a clipboard when you could pull up records via Wi-Fi and type the information directly into the patient's medical record? Perhaps even more powerful is the idea that these devices can be collecting data all the time.


Smartphones are incredibly powerful tools for anything as simple as data mining to something so sophisticated as measuring a patient's sleeping pattern. There are apps that can help regulate your mental health, apps that can help you keep track of what and how much you eat. There are apps that can take your blood pressure and you blood sugar. There are even apps that help you cope with aging.


While an app can't cure a disease, some of the newer, more experimental medical apps can do truly extraordinary things. This technology can not only help you feel better; it can prevent illness by spotting symptoms early on.


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nancygabor's comment, June 5, 2013 6:07 PM
Collecting data is one thing, understanding what it means and when to bring concerns to your doctor is another. if the smart phone is the glove, the hand is health literacy... they have to go together. Early adopters are likely to have better health literacy early on, but to gain the full benefits of sensor technologies in mobile consumer devices, we need to make interpretive information available to patients. We also need to reimburse physicians for the time they spend trawling through patient data. Dominique is an unusual leading thinker... most docs don't trawl without a real incentive.
nrip's comment, June 6, 2013 10:44 PM
Tools made from data are helping doctors, patients and healthstaff who are willing to be helped. With time tools will improve as those who are building them will mature in their techno-medical skills. As doctors learn to accommodate these tools in their practices, they will mature in their understanding of how tools can be used to improve outcomes as well as improve paradigms of care.
IT-Lyftet och IT-Piloterna's curator insight, June 17, 2013 7:53 AM

Kan "smarta prylar" ersätta doktorer? Nä, naturligtvis inte, men det finns mycket att vinna på att rutinmässiga undersökningar kan utföras med hjälp av små, tekniska hjälpmedel, och utvecklingen går snabbt framåt.

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Rockland Hospitals in expansion mode - Hindustan Times

Rockland Hospitals in expansion mode Hindustan Times Rockland Hospitals, which runs two multi-specialty hospitals in Delhi and one at Haryana, has chalked out plans to develop a medical corridor that will have tie-ups with local clinics and nursing...
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