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More and more people, especially world-wide, are beginning to use Chrome for browsing the web, so of course, we have responded with a new tutorial.


Chrome tutorial on the popular web browser from Google. Due to its simple design, fast speed and strong security features, the use of Google Chrome has increased greatly in the past year and now is in hot competition with Internet Explorer for web browser dominance. As a matter of fact, in the global market share, Chrome actually beat Internet Explorer on March 18 for the very first time (according to StatCounter). Whether it becomes the dominant browser in the United States remains to be seen, but we thought it was at least time to create a tutorial for those of you who are interested in switching to Chrome.


If you are new to Chrome, our tutorial will show you how to:

Download and install Chrome to your computer
Navigate the Chrome interface and become familiar with it’s features

Explore customization options and themes
Download applications from the Chrome Web Store
Add, organize and import bookmarks for your favorite webpages
Understand and manage the security and privacy features