Are You a Hard Worker or a Workaholic? | RMStaples Topics |

Though society might tell us that working harder and working more hours is good, it's actually damaging both your employees and your company's success. That's why it's crucial to self diagnose your company to make sure it is made up of hard workers, not workaholics. 


Here's the difference: Workaholics are people who compulsively work long hours, often on the weekends, and through vacation time. They are physically addicted to work. This could mean 12-to-14-hour work days, every day. A hard worker on the other hand, does not put him or herself in this type of danger. They might stay extra hours right before a big deadline, but they don't get to a point where they neglect family, friends, and their own health, to a sometimes irreversible point.

Via The Learning Factor