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Telling is old school, pedantic, and pompous. Telling is transactional; it implies a giver and a taker. When you tell someone something, you shut down true communication. Modern, effective communication is about engagement. It’s about achieving resonance. It’s about moving beyond sympathy to empathy. Modern, effective communication is about engagement.


Ahhhhh -- words of wisdom from colleague Thaler Pekar about what everyone in business needs to recognize about story dynamics. And how working with these dynamics are so critical in today's new marketing/branding landscape.


I couldn't have said all better myself Thaler! Good job. 


Thaler writes for non-profits but the same principles apply to anyone in business -- large or small.


If you've been disenchanted lately with lackluster storytelling results in your business, then these story principles should get you back on track again.


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